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New Zealand Green Kiwifruit for Bowel Regularity

I’ve tried many fruit enzymes based digestive aids and I’ve just recently become the biggest fan of kiwifruit powder.

You may have tried digestive aids made from Papaya or Pineapple, but did you know those aids are not actually made from the fruit of the plant, but from other parts of the plant which are not naturally edible. Not to mention aloe capsules - my stomach couldn't survive one capsule. *bleh*
I think that’s why many people still prefer eating fresh or freshly juiced papaya or pineapple for digestion after meals. Figs, prunes and prune juice I think are also traditional home remedies against constipation.
However, these are nothing compared to the effectiveness of kiwi powder as a digestive health supplement, made from natural organic green New Zealand kiwi fruit. Kiwi fruits contain Actinidin, a digestive enzyme which is really good at breaking down the natural proteins found in dairy, fish and eggs. By gently freeze-drying pure kiwi fruit pulp, they're able to ensure maximum nutrient retention when converting kiwi fruit to kiwi fruit powder. This way all the natural kiwi fruit nutrient goodness can be consumed in multiple forms across the world!
Recently I was experimenting with a high protein diet, and I could really tell how my body was having difficulty digesting all the protein after a heavy meal. To make matters worse my low fruits and vegetables consumption basically gave me 24x7 constipation. So, I moved to a keto diet but had the same issues with slow digestion and constipation. :(
But with kiwi fruit powder my digestion is so much better. I don’t feel all boated after a heavy meal, my meals digest pretty fast, and most importantly everything comes out smooth! #success
Also, to my understanding kiwi fruit powder is able to create a better prebiotic effect. That means more good bacteria in my gut and they help my body absorb more proteins and other nutrients from every meal. It’s quite discomforting to read articles that say that if one eats a lot of protein, most of it passes through our digestive system without being absorbed. Proteins take a long time to break down and our digestive enzymes have to work very hard to break them down. Not surprisingly, these hard to digest proteins can cause irritation to our digestive system and induce allergic reactions in our body.
Once I started using kiwi fruit powder I got my parents to try as well. They tell me by regularly having kiwi fruit powder, their bowel movements have never been more regular.
Bowel movement isn't a very popular topic, and this is something we take for granted when younger. But regular bowel movements are a big issue the older we get. Our body’s ability to secrete digestive juices declines as we age, why most old people complain of chronic constipation. I’m so glad that my parents found some relief with kiwi fruit powder.
It was quite a surprise to me when I found out that our body is made up of a million bacteria, some good and many bad ones too. Seems surreal that we’re made up of bacteria, but that seems to be the case!
From my online research it seems that kiwi fruit powder is also very effective in ensuring that the good bacteria in our body has all food they need to grow and multiply. Which in turn leaves less space and resources for the bad bacteria to grow. Yay kiwi fruit!
This isn’t a benefit I can feel as much as good digestion and bowel movement, but I do feel a lot more energetic in life since I started regularly eating kiwi fruit powder six months ago.
I’m pretty sure kiwi fruit extract powder products will be the next big thing in digestive health. I won’t be surprised if you soon see all the big packaged food, drinks and beauty brands adding kiwi fruit powder to their products.
Also, as the world discovers the magical benefits of kiwi fruit powder, don’t be surprised if you soon read about global acquisition and investment deals in kiwi fruit powder supplier and kiwi fruit powder manufacturers, especially those in New Zealand.
But this is not to say kiwi fruit products will displace probiotics and other high fiber foods. They will however carve out their own niche in the global superfood market as a welcome aid for digestion, nutrient absorption and more. Get ready for the kiwi powder craze!
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Benefits of Natural Medicine: Sea moss, Bladderwrack, Tumeric, Maca, and Chasteberry
Hello fam! I've been making adjustments to my lifestyle so I can have a healthier life. One big thing that I do is utilize natural alternatives to my healthcare regimen. I take vitamins and use natural ways to regulate my hormones levels since I do have POCS. I know longer have cysts but I do have the other issues as in insulin resistance, over weight, and irregular hormone levels. Again I'm not a doctor so make sure you always consult with your doctor before doing anything. I'm just sharing some things I do that has helped me greatly! I'm a texture person I just add this to my scrambled eggs. This does have a salty sea taste since it is from the ocean. I know people who purchase the actual algae and soak in hot water to drink as a tea. I purchased my sea moss gel from a legit herbal person who also can mix whatever other vitamins or herb in your batch. Tumeric When using this try to get organic in the powder form. My mom even used this for inflammation. When ingesting this make sure to add Black pepper to activate this. Basically, no use taking this if you don't add the Black pepper. The Black pepper allows our body to absorb the tumeric. I just sprinkle on food. It does stain so be careful. I use these both to regulate my hormones and this stuff is golden! I do not have the issues I had with my POCS once I changed to taking these two together. I actual purchased these in liquid form recently and love it. However, you can purchase the maca in powder form and both in supplement form.
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