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Hair Transplant In Korea- An Overview

We all envied the long luscious tresses of celebrities and models on screen, wishing our dull and dreary locks could have at least some of the shine and softness. There can be a number of reasons why you don’t have the perfect hair. The ever increasing pollution levels, hereditary defects, medical reasons, excessive stress- it all contributes to a receding hairline and premature baldness.

Hair is an important aspect of beauty, especially in nations like Korea where everyone wants to fit into the prevalent albeit restrictive standards to look acceptable and attractive. And contrary to what most people would believe, both men and women are equally affected by hair fall and thinning hair.

Thanks to the advancements in medical science, people now have a solid and lasting solution to the hair problem. Hair transplant surgery is one such technique that doctors use to treat hair loss. Korea is renowned for its healthcare industry, housing some of the best doctors and surgeons in the world. Read on to know all about hair transplant in Korea and the reasons why it is so popular;

What Causes Hair loss?
A number of reasons can contribute to hair loss, some more simple than the others. Pregnancy, nutritional deficiency, a low blood count, thyroid problems and other hormonal imbalances are some of the common reasons. Other reasons like cancer, autoimmune diseases, PCOS and skin conditions like psoriasis are some serious medical reasons that require proper medical aid.

Studies have also figured out a connection between menopause and hair loss. It has been observed that women who are nearer to the age of menopause often complain of excessive hair fall, split ends or roughness in the texture of hair. Furthermore, increasing stress levels, exposure to contaminated water and air, trauma, illness, weight loss- have all been linked to hairfall.

Hair Transplant in Korea
Excessive hair loss can cause quite a blow to your self-confidence. If you notice your hairline thinning every day, then a hair transplant might be just what you need to get out of this predicament. Korea has a wide gamut of hair treatments for patients from all across the world. Based on the scale and severity of the problem, doctors might prescribe solutions as simple as medications to something complicated like a surgery.
In hair transplant surgery, the doctor removes a part of the hair follicle from the scalp and grafts it on the balding patch. The procedure can be used to treat third-degree burns, untimely baldness and other issues. The part from where the hair follicle is borrowed is called the “donor site” while the part where the follicle is reattached is known as the “recipient site”

The best Korean plastic surgery clinics offer some reliable and durable solutions to the problem of hair fall. These methods include- hair transplants, scalp reduction surgery, skin grafting and scalp expansion procedures.

In Conclusion
Baldness or hair loss is nothing to be ashamed of. However, it would be prudent if you get a thorough check-up to figure out the reason behind the sudden excessive hair fall and get it treated ASAP.
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