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Fine Art Photographer Triston Lane "Reconstruct" Day 64 / 180 Out with the old, in with the new. This photo was inspired by David Talley’s image "True Self." His image is important to me and relates a lot to me at this time in my life. In his image, he is trying to spread the message to be yourself and nothing else. Don’t ever try and be something you are not. Be your True Self. That is something I have too began to realize. I haven’t been my true self. I’ve been something I am not and I am now in the process of changing that. (I guess you can call it growing up). This photo is a representation of that process. I have finally figured out who I really am. I know what I want in life and am taking the steps necessary to get that. To do this, I basically have to begin to destroy who I was in order to become who I AM. I have to shatter the things of the past and let in room for the things of the future. Sometimes, you have to break yourself to make yourself."
@studio23 Yep, definitely meaningful words to go by and think about.
wow, very deep and meaningful... perfect for new years resolution