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The show begins in the Joseon era. An unfortunate 15-year old bride is widowed on her wedding day and to make her day worse, a flying saucer shows up with a strong gust of wind which pushes her carriage over a cliff. So not only does the groom die, the bride does too? Who arranged this marriage? The Grim Reaper? Luckily for us, a super hot alien dressed in futuristic clothing slows down time, walks over and saves her. Their eyes meet. Is this Husband #2? In order to accept this love-at-first-sight story, I’m going to assume that he’s seventeen years old. For the next four episodes, we learn more about this girl. She’s intrigued by this strange “man” but knows he’s not a bad person because he saved her life. He looks like he might need some help so she offers to take him back with her to her in-laws’ home only to get there and discover that they want her dead. Then together, they run to her family, thinking they can find solace there only to discover that her father wants her dead too. Who cursed this poor child? In 2013, we meet this super hot alien who hasn’t aged in 400 years. Will the aging process continue only after he returns to his planet? His name is Min Joon and unlike Clark Kent, he chooses to ignore ills instead of saving the world with his powers. His Kryptonite is saliva which means no kissing? Drats! He’s got a mentor/friend in Young Mok who just ended a stint as his Dream High rival’s mentor in Who Are You. He’s got three months left on earth which he probably would have spent uneventfully if a certain actress hadn’t moved next to him. They don’t live together but with his super-hearing abilities, they might as well. She’s Song Yi. Rich, beautiful, bitchy and needs to read more to keep herself from making public gaffes. She’s enrolled in school but barely takes classes. Her alien neighbor happens to be her professor who has no qualms humiliating her. Her mother is an opportunistic bitch, her brother is embarrassed by her, her friends think she’s rude and bitchy but still secretly like her. Twelve years earlier, she met a handsome stranger who saved her from getting hit by a truck of doom. He’s the first love she’s sure she will recognize if she ever saw him again but doesn’t when she moves next door to him. In the twelve years she’s wondered about him, a popular, handsome chaebol son has been in love with her but she doesn’t give him the time of day. He’s handsome Hwi Kyung, played by the very awesome Park Hae Jin and the reason I decided to give this drama a shot. He’s goofy and sweet, a little dense and stubborn which is why he spends his days thinking about Song Yi while ignoring the pretty Se Mi who’s been in love with him for at least ten years. Se Mi is Song Yi’s long time best friend who’s played second fiddle to her all her life. Fans and foes alike don’t pretend to think highly of her and only care about her as she relates to her famous friend. While her jealousy and resentment may lead to some poor choices regarding her friend, I don’t think she’ll be the evil second lead… for now. I root for her with Hwi Kyung although I’ll also be fine if she moves on from him. Despite not having romantic feelings for her yet and choosing to go to Song Yi after promising to spend her birthday with her, Hwi Kyung comes through for Se Mi later on when a nasty director invites her to his casting couch. We also have Lee Jae Kyung, Hwi Kyung’s murderous brother. He runs the family business and kills more people than a New York City subway exterminator kills rats. He’s the sort of person to kill someone just because they are blocking his view of the television. In other words, he’s a psycho. So where are we in the story? Min Joon has reluctantly become a part of Song Yi’s life. He remembers saving her life twelve years earlier and it doesn’t help that she’s the doppelganger for his first love. He’d foreseen her death on a wedding cruise ship and intercepted it however, her rival and Jae Kyung’s secret lover died instead. Of course, Jae Kyung killed her and framed it as a suicide influenced by her rivalry with Song Yi. Now the poor girl is hiding in Min Joon’s apartment with the media waiting for her to come out of hers. Meanwhile, very hot prosecutor, Yoo Seok, who happens to be Se Mi’s older brother is on the case. He’s combed the surveillance videos from that night and caught a strange man on deck. Other than him not being on the guest list, he only appears on the video for a split second before disappearing, along with Song Yi. But most important of all, Song Yi and Min Joon kissed! And he isn’t dead. So is mixing saliva really his Kryptonite? *** So far, I’m really enjoying the show. I think they are trying to recapture the magic of I Hear Your Voice. It has a noona-romance, mystery, intrigue, comedy, drama and a psycho on the loose. I found the first two episodes passable but I think they really stepped it up the following week. The chemistry between the leads is great and they are just so darned good looking. I have to say that Kim Soo Hyun is one fine man – Sam Dong is all grown up! I’ve really enjoyed his shower scenes but how in the world does someone shower while wearing a towel? Wouldn’t it get soaked and become heavy? Why not only show him from the waist up? I’ve only seen Jeon Ji Hyun in movies so it’s nice to see her in a drama. A lot of people find her to be the weak link here but I’m enjoying her portrayal of the bratty, bitchy but still vulnerable Cheon Song Yi. While being a proud actress, she’s also lonely and so scared of being alone that she shamelessly clings to a neighbor who’s made it clear that he doesn’t like her. I love Park Hae Jin from The Famous Chil Princesses and As Much As Heaven and Earth and I have to admit that I’m slightly disappointed with his character. He’s doing a good job but I’m not attracted to happy-go-lucky, dense men. But at least, he’s got a sweet heart. I think Yoo In Na’s Se Mi has the potential to be a great character if written well. Playing second fiddle to her best friend both in love and her professional life can’t be easy. She has the potential to get really dark but I feel like the writers won’t go there. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. The worst character, in my opinion, is the serial killing Jae Kyung. He’s the answer to Jung Woong In’s Joon Kook but these two characters shouldn’t even be in the same sentence. All he does is ask people how their health is before killing them. Even if he’s a greedy CEO, his motivation for offing so many people is quite ridiculous. And as a result, his character has less of an impact on the story. And what I mean is that he’s such a one-dimensional villain that it’s hard to take him seriously. Despite its flaws, I still find this drama worth watching. So far, only one character has recognized Min Joon from the past. With the press capturing him on video, will others recognize him too? How will he spend his last three months on earth and will this drama end happily or tragically? But most of all, will this be the drama to warm up our cold winter nights in early 2014? I hope so.