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‘한국에도 있네?’ 포브스가 선정한 세계 최고의 스카이바 BEST 12

경제 전문지 포브스가 선정한 세계 최고의 스카이 바에 12 곳 중 한국도 선정되었다고 하는데요. 여행자들의 버킷리스트를 함께 살펴보겠습니다.

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8 – Superfoods for your Brain
8 – Superfoods for your Brain We’ve all had days when we didn’t feel like we were ‘on our game.’ And as we age, both our bodies and our brains grow old as well. By making smart food choices though, we can preserve our precious gray matter longer and improve brain function. Here are some brainy choices for keeping our noggins in tip-top shape. Blueberries have been shown to shield the brain from stress, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease. Research has also shown that diets rich in blueberries significantly improved both the learning capacity and motor skills. Avocados, though considered a ‘fatty fruit,’ contribute to healthy blood flow and decreased blood pressure, lessening the chances of developing hypertension, which can lead to a stroke. Deep-water fish, such as salmon is a wise, freshwater fish choice. It’s abundant in omega-3 essential fatty acids, which are essential for healthy brain function. Nuts and seeds are good sources of vitamin E, an important vitamin needed by your brain to stave off declining cognitive functions. Cashews, peanuts, walnuts, sunflower and sesame seeds, and almonds are all great choices. Whole-grain bread, brown rice, and oatmeal also contribute to a healthy brain by reducing the risk for cardiac disease. By promoting a healthy heart and improved blood flow, the brain is sure to thrive via excellent oxygen and nutrient delivery through the bloodstream. Complex carbohydrates also supply the brain with a steady stream of glucose that enhances brain function. It's important to avoid simple carbohydrates often found in junk food because glucose gives the brain a short-lived sugar high, often followed by a crash that makes you feel hungry and tired. Freshly brewed tea also has potent antioxidants, especially the class known as catechines, which also promotes healthy blood flow. Since black teas do contain caffeine it’s important to use them sensibly. Dark chocolate has powerful antioxidant properties, contains several natural stimulants, which enhance focus and concentration, and encourages the production of endorphins, which help improve mood. Again, moderation is the key.
Dried Fruit Snacks Market Share, Size, Growth Opportunities, Regions, Type and Application, Global Driving Factors by Manufacturers, Revenue Market Forecast to 2026
Market Analysis: Global Dried Fruit Snacks Market Dried fruit snacks market is expected to rise from its initial estimated value by registering a substantial CAGR of 6.1% during the forecast period of 2019-2026. This rise in market value can be attributed to the rising demand from the bakery products. Market Definition: Global Dried Fruit Snacks Market Dried fruit snacks are the form of healthy snacks which are made from the dried fruits such as dates, apricots, cherries, blueberries and many others. The dried fruit snacks contain very high nutritional value which helps to support the overall health and immune system of the body. Some might be free of added sugars which also provide the high nutritional value. Dried fruit snacks keep people healthy as hefting and restless schedule of the people need high nutritional value, for which daily meal is not sufficient they need some added nutrition’s from the snacks. Get More Insights About Global Dried Fruit Snacks Market, Request Sample @ Market Drivers: Rising demand from the food and beverages industry will drive the growth of market Increase demand for dried fruit snacks in confectionery industries is another reason for the market growth Growing awareness among the people for healthy diet may boost the market growth in the forecast period Penetration of the organic dry fruits in the market will also propel the growth of the market Market Restraints: High price of dried fruit snacks will hamper the market growth Stringent standards set by governments is also restraining the growth of the market Lack of standardized supply chain in developing countries may hinder the market growth in the forecast period Segmentation: Global Dried Fruit Snacks Market By Fruit Type Raisins (Dried Grapes) Natural Seedless Golden Seedless Black Currant Raisin Mix Sultana Muscat Manukka Tropical and Exotic Fruits Dates Apricots Dried Figs Banana Pineapple Mango Peaches Others Berries Cranberry Blueberry Raspberry Acai Berry By Form Slices & Granulates Powder Whole Dried Fruits By Nature Organic Conventional By End User Food Processing Industry Baked goods Confectionery Beverages Soups Ready Meals Cereals & Snack Bars Individual Hypermarket/Supermarket Convenience Store Specialty Stores Traditional Grocery Stores Online Retailers Food Service Providers By Geography North America U.S. Canada Mexico South America Brazil Argentina Rest of South America Europe Germany Sweden Poland Denmark Italy U.K. France Spain Netherlands Belgium Switzerland Turkey Russia Rest of Europe Asia-Pacific Japan China India South Korea New Zealand Vietnam Australia Singapore Malaysia Thailand Indonesia Philippines Rest of Asia-Pacific Middle East & Africa UAE Saudi Arabia Oman Qatar Kuwait South Africa Rest of Middle East and Africa Know more about this report Key Developments in the Market: In June 2018, RIND provider of healthier snacks introduced the new line of dried-fruit snacks. The line is named as “Skin-on Super fruit” dried-fruit snacks having no sugar additives in it. The product offered by company comes with three different flavours to attract major base of target customers such as California kiwi, orchard and tropical flavours. The company is focused to provide the high nutritional value containing products in the market In June 2017, Truly Good Foods, a manufacturer of the snack food introduced the new products in the market. The new southern sweets products will offer the highest quality of nuts covered with sweet coating containing peanuts, praline nut and praline pecans. The company is focused to the customer base as well as to attract the masses in the market Get Access Report @ Competitive Analysis: Global dried fruit snacks market is highly fragmented and the major players have used various strategies such as new product launches, expansions, agreements, joint ventures, partnerships, acquisitions, and others to increase their footprints in this market. The report includes market shares of dried fruit snacks market for Global, Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific, South America and Middle East & Africa. Key Market Competitors: Few of the major competitors currently working in global dried fruit snacks market are Rind Snacks, LLC, Truly Good Foods., Dole Packaged Foods LLC, Lion Raisins, JAB Dried Fruit Products, Bergin Fruit and Nut Company, Kiantama Oy, Sun-Maid Growers of California, Traina Foods, SUNBEAM FOODS, Red River Foods, Nuts., Geobres, Jiangsu Palarich Food Co., Ltd., Decas Cranberry Products, Inc, SUNSWEET, Citadelle Maple Syrup Producers’ Cooperative, Ocean Spray, SOL SIMPLE LLC and Royal Nut Company among others Request for Detailed TOC @ Browse Trending Related Reports @ · Coriander Oil Market · Eubiotics Market · Flavoured Yogurt Market · Food Texture Market · Functional Beverages Market · Ice lollies market About Data Bridge Market Research: Data Bridge Market Research set forth itself as an unconventional and neoteric Market research and consulting firm with unparalleled level of resilience and integrated approaches. We are determined to unearth the best market opportunities and foster efficient information for your business to thrive in the market Contact: Data Bridge Market Research Tel: +1-888-387-2818 Email:
거제&통영 가족여행
요금 공룡에 푹 빠져있는 금동이를 위해 고성 공룡박물관에 갔습니다 한낮 땡볕인데 아이들은 너무 신나게 노네요;; 엄마 아빠들은 표정이 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 애들 양산 씌우고 물 먹이느라 바쁜데 애들은 엄청 뛰댕겨요 실내 박물관은 수리를 하는건지 문을 닫아서 공원하고 카페 정도만 문을 열고있다고합니다 그래서 입장료는 안받고 주차비만 2-3천원냈습니다 공룡 박물관에서 상족암쪽으로 내려가는데 넘나 멋지네요 ㅜㅜ 이거 볼라고 5시간 달려온거지 상족암이랑 공룡발자국을 보러 내려가고 싶었는데 금동이는 관심도 없고 계단이 너무 많아서 아이를 데리고는 내려가기 어려웠어요 그냥 공룡반 좀 더 보고 거제로 체크인하러 출발 라마다 스위츠 거제 로비 깨끗하고 체크인 시간 약간 지나서 도착했더니 한산하네요 목요일이라 어딜가도 사람이 별로 없었어요 올거제와 스위츠 거제가 따로 운영? 하고있어요 무슨 차이인지 ㅎ 룸은 18층이였습니다 전객실 오션뷰라는데 정말 멋지네요 룸에 들어와서 자기 짐을 꺼내놓고 (인형이랑 자동차 공룡들;;) 쉬고 계십니다 ㅎ 연화 고등어 전갱이 가서 고등어회 포장했습니다 요즘 고등어가 매우 작아요 ㅜㅜ 하지만 꿀맛이였어요 감동 라인도이치가서 맥주랑 로코모코 치킨&새우 콤보바스켓 포장해왔어요 다 맛있었지만 골든에일 바이젠 완전 꿀맛 ㅜㅜ 특히 바이젠은 진짜 꿀타놓은 느낌이에요 !!! 추천합니당 첫째날이 저물어 가네요 ㅎ 기술의 상징 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 안주로 딱이네요 달달 ㅎ
기와 메밀 막국수
음, 일단 여기를 어떻게 알게 됐냐면요. 전날 황리단길 림스치킨 찾아가는길에 분황사 건너편쯤 왔는데 가게 앞에 사람들이 많이 서있더라구요. 뭐하는데지 하고 쳐다보는데 막국수집이더라구요. 맛집인가… 하고 지나쳤는데 그집엘 가보기로 했습니다. 분황사 건너편 대로변에 있어 찾기도 쉽네요. 주차는 건물 바로앞에 했어요. 세대 정도 주차할수 있게 돼있는데 분황사 주차장에 주차하고 건너와도 될듯요. 카페 분위긴데요 ㅎ. 좌우 그리고 정면에 식사 공간이 있네요. 생긴지 얼마 되지 않았는지 깔끔하네요. 직원분들도 친절하구요. 와입이 초2 밥을 퍼러 갔는데 셀픈데 무료에요. 저는 물, 와입은 비빔. 저는 곱배기를 시켰는데 추가 요금은 받지 않는다고 하더라구요. 와우… 음, 근데 저도 와입도 맛은 그럭저럭이라고 이구동성… 수육이 맛있더라구요 ㅎ 면수가 싱겁네요. 맛있는 집에 가면 몇잔은 마시는데… 요렇게 먹으니 제법 맛있는데요. 보문단지쪽을 벗어나선지 손님이 많지만 아직은 웨이팅도 없고 그럭저럭 먹을만했어요. 막국수는 소소였지만 수육이 맛있다는거 ㅋ 아아 한잔하려고 스벅가다가 어제 갔던 교리김밥을 지나가는데 허걱 저 웨이팅은 무엇? 알고보니 교리김밥이 아니라 바로옆 NO WORDS 라는 카페 들어가는 줄이라는… 검색해보니 이쁜 카페더라구요. 예전에 1층이 노루표페인트였는데 이젠 1층도 카페 공간인지 대기실인지로 쓰는듯 했어요. DT 찾아 경주터미널 왔어요. 와입이랑 에스프레소 프라푸치노 먹었는데 아 맛있다… 어제 맥주사러 편의점 갔다가 데려온 아라비카 커피껌 씹으며 집으로 고고씽~~~
강화도 펜션 석모도 펜션 신축.가족.단체-스몰웨딩
<<서울근교 강화도 펜션 석모도 민머루해수욕장. 보문사 바바벨리펜션>> 1.강화도펜션. 석모도펜션 바바벨리 2. 민머루해수욕장 안녕하세요. 호미숙 여행작가입니다. 무더운 요즘 어떻게 지내세요? 낮에는 활동하기 힘들어 새벽이나 밤에나 움직이기 좋은 것 같긴 해요. 오늘도 여전히 매미소리와 풀벌레가 요란하게 들리는 아침입니다. 인근에 산이 있어 이곳은 서울이라도 시골같은 느낌입니다. 더위에 늘 건강 잘 지키세요! 오늘 소개할 곳은 강화도 신축펜션으로 석모도의 보문사와 민머루해수욕장, 석모도미네랄온천 인근 펜션 바바벨리입니다. 호미와 아주 오랜 인연으로 8년의 인연이 된 동생이 운영하고 있어요. 완전히 바닷가 위치는 아니고 숲에 위치해있는데요. 아이들이 좋아할만한 동물농장과 기념일 소모임이나 파티 등 프로포즈 외에도 스몰웨딩도 가능한 곳입니다. 이제 신축한지 얼마 안되어서 깨끗하고 인테리어도 깔끔하고 세련되어서 감성펜션으로 충분합니다. 커플룸을 비롯해서 복층형태의 가족펜션이고 단체펜션입니다. 인근에 골프장이 있어 단체로 예약하는 경우가 많다고 해요. * 댓글 링크를 클릭하면 상세한 내용과 생생영상을 볼 수 있어요. * 동영상으로 감상해요* #강화도펜션 #석모도펜션 #강화도신축펜션 #석모도신축펜션 #서울근교펜션 #강화도가족펜션 #강화도가족펜션추천 #서울근교바다 #바다여행 #민머루해수욕장 #인천바다 #강화도바다 #서울근교해수욕장 #서울근교숙소 #강화도숙소 #강화도석모도 #인천강화도 #강화도바닷가 #강화도해변 #강화도해수욕장 #강화도1박2일 #서울근교1박2일 #서울근교스몰웨딩 #강화도스몰웨딩 #석모도민머루해수욕장