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The study, pub­lished in the jour­nal Sci­ence, com­pared thou­sands of low-in­come peo­ple in the Port­land area who were ran­dom­ly se­lect­ed in a 2008 lot­tery to get Med­ic­aid cov­er­age with peo­ple who en­tered the lot­tery but re­mained un­in­sured. Those who gained cov­er­age made 40 per­cent more vis­its to the emer­gency room than their un­in­sured coun­ter­parts. The pat­tern was so strong that it held true across most dem­o­graphic groups, times of day, and types of vis­its, in­clud­ing for con­di­tions that were treat­able in pri­mary care set­tings. This is disappointing for proponents of the ACA, who argued that ER visits would fall.
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well, thats not good
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not good at all
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not good at alli dont get it
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basically the more options you give people ....
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Makes some sense I guess
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