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Photographer Michael Bollino "Getting this shot was a definite highlight of the summer. Iceberg Lake is one of the most stunning locations in the Many Glacier area--- beautiful alpine meadows, dump truck sized icebergs floating in the lake, and a sheer mountain cirque crowning the entire scene. This beauty draws hordes of people there each summer day, but almost no one sticks around for sunset. You see, to shoot Iceberg Lake at sunset means you also have to be willing enough (or stupid enough!) to hike out five miles through prime grizzly habitat at night. Thankfully, Ryan, Candace, and Rob made good companions for the dark hike out as we managed to be loud and obnoxious enough to ward off any nocturnal grizzly visits. The other highlight was seeing how psyched Ryan got when clouds and color unexpectedly swept over the mountain wall. This was his fourth time making this trip, and the first time he caught the good light!"
@SuraniMH1 @onesmile Absolutely. Nature is so very beautiful. Yep, the stories of getting it are just awesome.
These wonderful stories of sheer luck at catching the perfect shot are marvelous; great finds!
Almost the beginning of nature in shape to come.