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[Contest Award] Photography Contest!

Hello friends! About 10 days ago, I threw a [photography contest 2]- and many of you participated! Thank you so much! The contest is officially over and I told the Vingbot about giving awards to the participants who got over 4 likes! Pictures with more than 4 likes will be awarded by being posted on Vingle Facebook! :) I will share the link when it's updated.
Please give BIG BIG round of applause to the winners of the contest :p hehe

The winners' photos are presented here:

Photography Contest:
Friends Tag Lists, to whom I would like to share:

yayyy thank you!!!!
@mikayla congratulations!
awww thanks 🤟💜
@eliane94 congrats!!!
@JaxomB congratulations!
@BenjamanST congrats!! :)
wow! thanks!!
@madeleine congratualtions :)
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