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Reason why you should travel South Korea

There are so many Korean traditional "Hanok" town that are so beautiful....
This Hanok Town is located in Eunpyeong province where the wind blows amid the tranquil atmosphere of the city and the lush bushes. The view of Mt. Bukhan is a part of daily life spent in Hanok, Nak Nak-heon, Eunpyeongok Village, Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul.
Naknakheon is a residential space where you can feel the joy of living in harmony with the surrounding environment. The view over the low fence that surrounds the curved road next to the field is a typical hanok with tiled roofs that show the beauty of the curve.

Visit South Korea and enjoy the green and the beauty of the traditional Hanok houses!!

wanted to visit South Korea - but I cant..cuz of work damn it
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