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IoT In Sports

A few weeks ago we talked about the importance of IoT in the food sector . And today we want to go a little further to show you that in the sports industry there is also a lot of intelligence.
We are increasingly surrounded by the Internet. At home, at work, on bus or train trips. Only with carrying the smartphone we are already linked 24 hours to the Internet. And in the sports industry it was not going to be less.

We can already find from a smartphone that controls your sexual performance to intelligent systems in tennis to modernize the so-called “hawk eye”.
It seems that we no longer know how to run or go to the gym without listening to music on our mobile phone. We have an excessive amount of apps to get in shape by exercising.
In addition, in the market we can already find shoes with Internet, which could be very useful to measure the performance of professional athletes.

What sports have already incorporated the IoT?

This field is still quite new and the use of IoT in sport in a given field has not yet been specified.
But in many occasions it is used as a complement of improvement and analytics for the results of the players. And where are these devices?
Well, in many occasions they are found in the clothes that athletes use, we give you some examples:

This ski-focused weareable has 3 sensors , two located under each of the skis and another that the athlete puts at chest height.

Its function is to accurately detect the improvements that the professional must apply , to improve their performance. Can you imagine beating the competition thanks to the IoT?
Recon Jet smart glasses

These glasses that give an air of Terminator to the cyclist in the picture, are able to give you all the data you need if you are a demanding athlete.

They will tell you the rhythm, the cadence, the effort and the speed that you are doing, they also have a built-in GPS and are designed so that you do not have to look away from the road.
First of all security!
Swimming with smart weareables

And finally, the example we want to give you about IoT in sports is the smart clothes used in swimming.
Many brands are those that bet on inserting sensors in their tissues , which regulate humidity, temperature, athlete's health and the effort it makes.
That way you improve your performance and you can gradually improve your technique. Something we would all love!
But now let's see who are those who have already dared to invest in this sector.

What brands bet on IoT in sports?

In addition to the biggest and best-known sports brands that are already betting on IoT in sports , there are many others that have made great strides. Today we take the opportunity to introduce three:
3D Digital Venue
In short, it consists in the representation of football stadiums in 3D so that anyone can know in advance what their seat will be, how their views will be or where the accesses are located, for example.
So far it has worked with some of the largest such as the Santiago Bernabéu or Wembley .
This idea seemed amazing to me, it arose as a result of the concern about the blows to the head suffered by those who practice this type of sports.

that manufactures football helmets . It has been baptized as Zero1 and uses car technology. Thus they manage to reduce the impacts and as a result avoid brain injuries.
Thermography consists of the graphic recording of the heat emitted by the surface of a body in the form of infrared radiation. Well, based on this, the Thermohuman company has developed a technology that prevents injuries in the world of sports.
In other words, it allows to identify possible injuries or overloads, for those cases in which athletes do not tell the whole truth. The Spanish basketball team is already using it.

What future does this have for people who are not a professional athlete?

Much of this technology is developed for professionals , but everything ends up coming for those who do sports more as a hobby.
Just look at the materials of the clothing or accessories of elite athletes. Products that have just arrived at the sports store in our neighborhood, although in a lighter version.
Well, with the IoT the same thing happens. Many of the technologies that we can find today in our smartphone, may not be developed initially for our mobile .
Therefore it is likely that there is not much left for our ball to carry a built-in chip to know with our smartphone how much physical activity we are doing.

And we can already see sensors that record our heart rate and breathing . Smaller and smaller sensors that also let us know if we are exceeding ourselves.
Tell us which IoT device you would like to use for sports. And if you liked it, share it so that others can read us.
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