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Xiumin looks great in Fall colors😍
He does even though he’s a spring baby
Xiukitty looks good in everything.
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Playful Kitten (A Xiumin One Shot Fanfic)
They say a picture can inspire a thousand words... It's true!! I took one look at this photo and it came to me. A Xiumin One Shot Fanfic It was sunny out, No chance of rain. Minseok sat kneeling on the couch looking out the window. His fingertips tapping his teeth, between his parted lips Every now and then, his head tilted from side to side watching everyone and everything going by. His little rear, twitching back and forth. He wanted to be outside too. He happen to look and saw Jongdae coming. He jumped up and down on the couch like a child and took a big leap off and made a mad dash for the front door. Just as Jongdae unlocked the door, Minseok swung the door open. "MY FRIEND!!" Minseok greeted him. He wrapped his arms around, nearly picking him up off the ground. Jongdae forgot how strong Miny was, and his greeting was a sure surprise. "What's gotten into you?" Jongdae asked squirming out of Minseok's arms. "Today is the last day of house arrest... let's go outside and walk around. Come with me Jonggie, please?!!?" "Technically, it's until midnight, so you're supposed to stay inside until then." Jongdae said looking at his watchless wrist. "But Jonggie... I've been good, I haven't cause any trouble. Not here, not at work, not anywhere." Minseok said crossing his arms. He looked at Jongdae for a long time, which made Jongdae wonder what he was thinking. Then a small smile appeared, the corner of his mouth, curling back in that sly way that Jongdae knows too well, "They won't know. They won't know that I'm gone." "No Min, I don't think it's a good idea. You're unpredictable. I don't think we should..." Jongdae said. He put his hand on Minseok's shoulder and pulled him away from the door. Minseok looked at the outside as the door closed. "But... I miss being outside so much. Breathing the fresh air, feeling the breeze against my skin, the way the air smells when there's food coming somewhere." Minseok held his head up high, taking a breath through his nose, a peaceful smile stretching across his face. "I know. I promise you, at midnight, we'll go out." Jongdae said running his hand softly down the back of Minseok's head. Minseok veered away and went back to the window. He crawled up onto the window frame and gazed out. He so wanted to go into the sun, not at midnight when it was dark especially when there's no full moon out. He let his head fall against the window, as he stared out. Something caught his eye. Something shiny in the sunlight. He turned his head to see what it was. Whatever it was, it was coming closer. Minseok squinted one eye as it kept hitting him in the eyes. It was coming closer. He put his hand up against the glare and saw where it was coming from. It was a pretty heart shaped locket hanging around a neck. It finally stopped glaring in his eyes, he blinked to fully restore his vision. His eyes went from the locket, up the neck, to a chin, then to red lips. He looked at the face in whole and was taken back. She, who ever she was, was very pretty. As she walked by, he tapped on the window, hoping to catch her attention, but she didn't look. He tapped again, following her along until he couldn't anymore. Minseok squished his head to the window to see which way she was going. When he saw she turned right, he turned and jumped onto the couch and onto the floor. He sat there crouched for a minute, thinking about how to get out of the house without being seen. He sprinted up the stairs to his bedroom. Thankfully, Jongdae wasn't in there. He quietly opened the window and crawled out. He dangled from the second floor window before finally jumping down the five feet or so below his own feet. He landed softly. He looked up at the window, recalling the numerous times he's jumped from it. It was only the first time did he fall on his ass. He ran across the yard, hoping no one saw him. He scaled the high brick wall using the vines that was creeping it's way up. Running as fast as he could, he tried to catch up to the pretty woman with the shiny heart locket. He darted through the crowd, if he came upon a woman, he would stop and look. "She couldn't have gotten far..." he said after looking at the 9th woman. He tried to remember what she had been wearing. Something black, a sweater or jacket, her shirt was white with buttons, it was unbuttoned so the world could see the pretty heart locket. He thought she was wearing shorts but thinking back, it was a black mini skirt. Her shoes were flat but they were very strappy, even laced up her legs a bit like Roman gladiator sandals. He walked along quickly through the crowd, eyeing every shoe he passed. Then he found them, he looked up from her feet, up her legs, to her hips, then to her breasts, and then to the shiny heart locket. "Hello" he said softly getting into her face close. She moved back a bit, "uh, Hello." she said in return bowing her head a little. Xiumin walked along next to her. "Where are you going?" He asked after a few steps. "Why are you asking?" She said offensively. He shrugged, " So I can walk with you." he answered. "I don't know you, why would you walk with me?" she asked not losing her pace. Thinking of she kept walking, he would leave her alone and just wander off. Xiumin skipped ahead of her, he put himself in reverse, keeping pace with her, "You're pretty" he said and smiled. "Thank you" she said. She had to admit, even though he was being a little creepy, he was cute. Especially his smile. "Why are you walking so fast?" She finally stopped, looked at him, "Why are you following me?" "Because I saw you walking by my house. I thought you were pretty and wanted to walk with you. Plus, I was grounded for the last 30 days, thought it would be nice to walk with someone." he explained quickly and honestly. "Really? What were you grounded for?" she asked a little interested. Xiumin giggled, "I, uh, got into trouble." "Of course but why?" Xiumin tilted his head, "For doing something I shouldn't have been doing" He smiling turning mischievous. "Ah, that kind of smile means it was something dirty." she said and went past him. Xiumin caught up to her again. "Where you going so fast?" he asked again. "I'm late. I'm on my way to meet someone." she answered. Xiumin saw it as a challenge, "A boyfriend?" "Sort of" she said in an unsure way. "Sort of? then he's not your boyfriend." She shook her head, "It's complicated." "No. I don't think so. He either is or isn't. Since he isn't, then come with me." he said. He quickly grabbed her hand and pulled her in another direction. But just as quick, she pulled her hand away. "What are you doing?" she asked. "Come on." he grabbed her again, this time held her hand more tightly. She tried the squirm her hand out but couldn't. She got a little afraid, she didn't know who he was, he was a stranger who came out of no where. Looking back in the direction she was supposed to go, she wondered if her dinner date would worry. "I don't think I should go with you. I don't even know who you are..." Xiumin stopped... "I'm Minseok, Kim Minseok." She kind of smiled. "but still..." "You'll be okay. Just come with me. I promise nothing will happen to you." he said and grinned. The heart locket around her neck caught his eye. He reached up mindlessly, and touched it. "That's so pretty." "Thank you. My mother gave it to me. I wear it for luck." she said. "It must've worked because you're with me now." She laughed. "So are you going to tell me?" he asked as they continued on. "Tell you what?" He glanced back, "Your name. What your name is." "Luana" she answered, "You know, normally, I don't do things like this. Unless I know you." "Well, we can get to know each other." "Where are you taking me?" He stopped again and thought, "Everywhere." he said and kissed her on the cheek. It made her blush. They came to the river. It had gotten dark while they were making their way to it. He had held her hand the whole entire time, swinging their arms like a happy child. She had enjoyed his company. He talked about himself and she told him about herself. They had stopped and had gotten drinks and snacks. Xiumin watched the lights dancing on the surface of the water. He loved how dazzling it looked. Like glitter falling out of the sky. Luana stood next to him, looking at the sky. It was still light out, the sun was down over the horizon but it still felt bright. The stars were faint in the purple pink orange sky. "Look, the stars are starting to show." she said pointing up. Xiumin looked over at her, he slowly moved his arm around her waist, pulling closer to her. When she didn't move away, he placed his other hand on her flat tummy. Still she did nothing. In the fading light of the evening twilight, he could see her cheeks turning pink. He brushed his nose up along the side of her face. Flicking her ear lobe with the tip of his tongue. She felt his warm breath in her ear. Slowly she turned her face to him. His skin was glowing in the twilight, his were eyes sparkling. She was so mesmerized that she didn't realize he came in closer and closer, until their lips touched. Before she knew it, they were on the grass, rolling around going hot, heavy, and fast. Xiumin could feel she was trying to stop him but at the same time couldn't resist him. He rolled her on top of him, giving her a chance to stop and walk away. She seemed to know and had stopped. Xiumin thought she would leave but to his surprise, she went down and started kissing him again. Without question, he took her. He wanted her and she wanted him. He realized they were too exposed in that spot. He jumped up and lead her to a more secluded spot. As soon as they were out of sight, he took her in his arms again, kissing her neck softly. He wanted to roll around in the scent of her skin. She smelled so sweet like a field of sweet roses. He worked his hands inside her clothes, up her back, her skin so soft to touch. But he was hungry for more, after all he'd been grounded for a month. He worked his hands down further, squeezing the back of her thighs, before moving up under her mini skirt, squeezing her ass. He liked that she was wearing skimpy panties. She breathed in deep, her eyes opening briefly in surprise but relaxed when he didn't stop. "Kiss me" she whispered. Xiumin licked his lips and gave her what she wanted. That swirling feeling she was feeling in her tummy, exploded into the rest of her body. She felt dizzy, she felt like she was dreaming. What was it about him that was making her feel this way. "I want more..." he said pressing himself hard against her, "Can I have more?" She felt even more dizzy hearing his voice purring in her ear. Pleading seductively. "I want to feel you all over, I want to wrap you around me... " He said as her hands went down to his pants. She toyed with the button before releasing it. She slowly unzipped the fly. ********************* "Where's Minseok?" Suho asked as they all sat down to watch a movie. Jongdae looked up in the direction of Xiumin's room, "I'll go get him." Jongdae ran up the stairs, he couldn't believe that Miny had been in his room all this time. Probably still pouting about not being able to go out until after midnight. "Min." Jongdae said as soon as he opened the door. There was no answer. He looked around the room, it was empty. Then noticed the window was wide open. "Oh, Min..." He went to the window and leaned out. Taking in how high up from the ground he was. "What you looking at?" Xiumin said from right beside him, scaring the crap out of Jongdae. Jongdae clutched his chest dramatically, "Geezus fucking chriiii.... where the hell did you come from?" Xiumin pointed back behind him, "I was in the shower room. What did you want?" "We have a movie, Jun wants you to come down." "Oh okay... I'll be down in a minute." He gave Jongdae a sweet smile. Just as Jongdae got to the door, Xiumin stopped him, "Hey... I have something for you." "You do?" Jongdae looked at him curiously. Xiumin walked over to him. He was reaching into his pockets, he was still smiling sweetly at Jongdae. "I'm sorry I missed your birthday last month." "It's okay Min, if I had a date with a pretty girl, I would have missed it too." Jongdae said laughing, "Don't worry about it." Xiumin pulls out a long thin chain from his pocket and holds it out to him, "here...I got this for you." Jongdae opens his hand receive the gift, Xiumin drops it into his palm. He looks at the pretty heart shaped locket. 'Where did you get it from?" Jongdae asks. "Do you like it?" Xiumin asks, "When ever I see hearts, I always think of my Chen Chen, who always takes care of me and looks after me. When I saw it, I knew I had to get it for you." Xiumin said. He looks at Xiumin, he could guess where it came from, he could drill Xiumin about it, but he wasn't going to, his Xiukitty got him a gift. By whatever means, he got him a gift. He hugged Xiumin hard, "It's beautiful, thank you." EXO FanFicsFans: @QueenPandaBunny @Indiglow @JaxomB @Jessicalista @ynsamgwlk @MaritessSison @MelissaGarza @Namjoonsbutt @YasminChavez @luna1171 @Matty0204 @SHINee4ever @tinafalcon22