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On the 2013 Drama Award, which took place in SBS Prism Tower in Sang Am Dong, Ma Po Gu, Seoul, in the evening of December 31, 2013, Lee Hwi Jae, Kim Woo Bin and Lee Bo Young hosted the event together. Lee Bo Young on this day appeared on stage with Lee Hwi Jae and Kim Woo Bin, and said, "I have a lot of luck with men even up until the last day of 2013," and smiled. Lee Bo Young then asked Kim Woo Bin, "Arent you the same age as Jong Suk?" mentioning actor Lee Jong Suk of the SBS drama "I Hear Your Voice," in which Lee Bo Young stared with him. Kim Woo Bin is also a good friend of Lee Jong Suk. Kim Woo Bin replied, "Yes, but this time, I am hosting this event with Lee Bo Young instead of Lee Jong Suk." Kim Woo Bin then said to Lee Jong Suk who was sitting on a table, "Lee Jong Suk, are you watching?" making the attendees laugh.
love lee bo young and lee jung sok so much..
@divalycious, being blonde sort of washes him out.
@dramacrazy even as a blonde he's a-ok in my boks ;) … lol
what's with the yellow hair?