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After Lee Seung Gi and YoonA‘s relationship went public on January 1, the recently aired “Nunas Over Flowers” broadcast drew a lot of attention. On January 3, the sixth episode of “Nunas Over Flowers” was aired and Lee Seung Gi was seen shopping for various items during his alone time. While he was shopping, one staff member asked, “Is that for your girlfriend or your mom?” Then Lee Seung Gi mysteriously answered, “Hm, then I should buy about ten of these.” But in the end, he picked baby clothes, saying that it was for the nephew of a friend. A few moments later, Lee Seung Gi joined Kim Ja Ok on their shopping spree. While Kim Ja Ok was shopping, Lee Seung Gi was waiting for her outside the shop. The staff asked again, “If it was your girlfriend inside, what would you do?” Lee Seung Gi answered, “Now I think I will have to wait.” There were other instances where the staff and the actress cast members asked Lee Seung Gi about his girlfriend during broadcast, which garnered a lot of attention.
@MasriDaniela so u think may reach to time feel bored of everything. hhhhhhh
@christy huh!!! yeah him always not other part ....
@MasriDaniela I think cute guy like him can wait respect and forgive unlimited times
@christy appearance always confuse us ....will see how much will wait ....true sis ???
@MasriDaniela yeah mannered as always even she is late he Will wait to her. I am so envious
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