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You Who Came From the Stars Episode 5 Review: Jun Ji Hyun is in Danger Because of Shin Sung Rok
In You Who Came From the Stars, episode 5, Cheon Song Yi(played by Jun Ji Hyun) was in danger because of Lee Jae Kyung(played by Shin Sung Rok). Jae Kyung checked the CCTV records to see who took Han Yoo Ra(played by Yoo In Young)’s clutch, which contained a USB with a record of Yoo Ra and Jae Kyung’s conversation. As he realized it was Song Yi who took the clutch, he said, “So it was Cheon Song Yi, huh?” That night, Jae Kyung called Song Yi on the phone and said, “Can I come to your house for a cup of coffee? I have something to tell you.”