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What could be more perfect than our “all-around” Kim Soo Hyun? Yes, it’s a new nickname for Kim Soo Hyun especially because of his character in the new SBS Drama Series “You Who Came From the Stars” who showed many different sides of him. His role as Do Min Joon in the drama “You Who Came from the Stars” is a new one for him since his character is that of an alien who came from an unknown star and has been living in the world of humans, the earth, for 400 years. The story goes as he meets Korea’s top star Cheon Song Yi (Jeon Ji Hyun) who perfectly resembles his first human true love that he met in the Joseon Era. His first meeting with Cheon Song Yi went rough, but as the episodes go farther, his feelings seem to progress into something different. At the last broadcast of the drama (Episode 6), it showed more of Do Min Joon’s soft side which is entirely different on how he has been living for the past hundred years. He seemed to develop a feeling of jealousy as Cheon Song Yi hangs out with Hui Kyung (Park Hae Jin). Viewers were in agony as Do Min Joon ended up showing his face full of heartache and jealousy for Cheon Song Yi. He even told his class (as he lectures in a univerity too!), that jealousy is the lowest form of emotion humans could have. But without even realizing it, he also feels the same. The words Lee Hui Kyung told Do Min Joon like “Is the apartment building yours? or your house? I will buy it all.” and “Don’t you ever think about anything that has to do with Cheon Song Yi” built more tension between the two rivals. Hui Kyung even frankly told Do Min Joon that Cheon Song Yi is his woman. Do Min Joon, of course was taken aback for a bit but he still won the intense conversation when he asked “Your woman? Is that a mutual feeling?” which also gave laughs to viewers. Another scene that proved Kim Soo Hyun’s prince-like character is when he saved Song Yi from a swarm of reporters that wants to get a piece of her as they blame her for Han Yoo Ra’s death. Do Min Joon, aside from being a university professor that specializes in humanity, he also showed his excellent intelligence when it comes to law just to kick the reporters away! Yes, he’s truly an all-around guy! Kim Soo Hyun has truly proved his charms in so many ways. From being that charistmatic scholar from the Joseon era to a strangely in-love overly handsome alien. He acts so cool in front of people but becomes unintentionally cute when Cheon Song Yi is around! Isn’t it hard to pick just one word to describe him? SBS Drama “You Who Came from the Stars” has jumped into almost 20% of viewership ratings and is the leading primetime drama at its slot. This truly gives us viewers more anticipation.
@tyta468 yeah me too don't like her for that reason I don't watch the drama but I found he is a good actor and talented so I watched this drama
@christy .im already watch moom&soon, is a good drama. he's a good actor, but for some reason the woman lead, not always is good like him..
@christy @divalycious yeah i also love his acting skills ....but this drama for sure i will start today cz @christy tell me about it when start thanks sis ^_~
@christy I do watch any other shows. but Will start moon and sun
@divalycious yeah he is talented. i don'tdo
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