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Learn Korean with X1 - Flash

Hi Fam!!! I'm back with Leanr Korean series <3 two days in a row!! becuz I'm recently into this song !!!

어딘가에 홀린 듯이
날 깨운 감각을 따라
닿은 곳엔 네가 있어 느껴져
You’re my savior my desire
반짝인 눈빛X1 (엑스원) – Flash
내 가슴속은 Blazing
심장이 터질 듯해 너무 빨라진 듯해
이젠 점점 차오르는 내 Gauge
기다릴 필욘 없어
이미 준비가 됐어 난
I can take you higher
이젠 (1)시간이 됐어
저기 높은 곳으로
지금 너를 데려가 Oh baby
눈 깜짝할 순간에
우린 연결돼있어
너만이 날 (2)완성해 내가 널 완성해
Fly high high high high-er
Fire up
Fly high high high-er
Fire up
Fly high high high-er
황홀경에 빠진 듯이
정신이 온통 너뿐야
Uh 한참을 헤매던 순간
번쩍인 You’re like thunder
my lightsaber Yeah
나만의 방법으로 너를 비춰
데리고 가 구름보다 더 위로
순간이 다 우리 둘만의 (3)기억
Gonna flame to the 구름
Way up high higher
You the one only get me fire
Light me up
and I light you brighter
Call it we 시간이 멈춘듯이
태워 이 불꽃을 light up
I can take you higher
이젠 시간이 됐어
저기 높은 곳으로
지금 너를 데려가 Oh baby
눈 깜짝할 순간에
우린 연결돼있어
You & I we make it right
우리 둘의 마지막
Rally point
Yeah we run it run it
We burn it burn it burn up
Fire up
Fly high high high-er
Fire up
Fly high high high-er
새까만 하늘 텅 비어있던 곳
잠깐의 스친 너와 나의 Sparkle
불꽃이 일어 찬란하게 비춰
운명이야 우린
Light up and fly higher
보여줘 너의 Fantasy
눈이 멀어 버린 순간
채워줄게 널 가득히
거부할 수 없어 난
저기 높은 곳에서
우린 빛나고 있어
Ain’t nobody can stop me now
너만이 날 비추고
내가 널 비추네
You light up my life

(1) 시간: time
Pronunciation: [shi gan]
(2) 완성: completion
Pronunciation: [wan sung]

(3) 기억: memory
Pronunciation: [ki uk]
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You know I can't WAIT for the Olympics so let's look at a few awesome Olympians representing South Korea :D PS: 올림픽 - oh-lim-pik! Ki Bo Bae - Archery A South Korean archer who was ranked the world’s number one archer in August 2015. She is the current World Championship and the defending Olympic champion in archery. An Chang Rim - Judo South Korea’s premier lightweight Judo champion and the nation’s representative in the 2016 summer olympics. He is currently ranked first in the world and seeded first in the Olympics. Kim Ji Yeon - Fencing A South Korean sabre fencer and the 2012 Olympic champion. Having started foil fencing at the age of 13, she is the first South Korean woman to win a gold medal in fencing in the Olympic games. Shin A Lam - Fencing A fencer whose 2012 duel sparked a huge controversy in the Olympic games after a timekeeping error gave her opponent a timing advantage. When South Korea immediately appealed the decision, Shin waited for over an hour on the duelling ground, in accordance to the fencing bylaws, while judges deliberated and eventually gave the win to Shin’s opponent. Son Yeon Jae - Rhythmic Gymnastics An individual rhythmic gymnast, dubbed the “National Fairy” of South Korea. She has won titles in the 2014 Asian Games, 2010 Asian Games, and 2014 World Championships. Calling it now: she's going to be the next Kim Yuna and have her face on EVERY advertisement lol! Park Tae Hwan - Swimming An Olympic swimmer who is the first South Korean to win an Olympic medal in swimming. He has competed and won medals in the 2008 and 2012 Summer Olympics, and is to compete once more in the upcoming 2016 games. Who else is PUUUUUMPED for the Olympics?!