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Actor Kim Woo Bin and Big Bang member G-Dragon recently had a sweet phone conversation that revealed the current state of their relationship, and more importantly, the future direction of it. To celebrate the year 2014, MNet’s “M!Countdown” prepared a special New Year episode that let the viewers send questions to the MC Kim Woo Bin through SNS, and the handsome star satisfied the fans’ curiosity through his own corner during the show. Having openly revealed in the past that he is a fan of G-Dragon, he received a question asking him whether the two stars have gotten closer since the confession. Kim Woo Bin decided to find out the answer by giving a call to the K-pop star himself. He asked G-Dragon to share his plans for this year, and the singer answered, “I want to get closer to Woo Bin.” Revealing a cute and youthful side of himself, Kim Woo Bin called G-Dragon “hyung” and showed a sense of respect towards the star one year his senior in an adorable way.