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These Positive Yoga Girl's Messages Will Make Your Day!

Always be positive, and your life will be full of positive energy!!

What do you think!? Treat your self some nice quotes today!

I like that quote! 'it's a good day to have a good day' It makes me feel like I'm really going to have a good day today!!
@Kimbler I hope you did. We can only control what we do and how we react to things. Once we realize this we can have many good days!
Awesome quotes!! Keep up with the awesome stuff!!
@BTSMicDrop thank you!! :p
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I benefici dell'albero della vita
Avendo attraversato molte civiltà, l'Albero della Vita ha assunto, nel corso della sua storia, molti significati a diversi livelli, sia filosofici che religiosi o spirituali ed esoterici. Questo potente simbolo, che si trova nel cuore della tradizione ebraica, musulmana e cristiana, esprime essenzialmente il ciclo della vita, ma non solo. Questo simbolo universale rappresenta anche la natura, perfetta ed equilibrata con le sue tre diverse parti: le radici per l'energia della terra, i rami per la luce e il tronco per la forza. L'Albero della Vita diventa allora il simbolo e l'esempio da seguire per una vita serena e realizzata... I diversi oggetti che usiamo nella nostra vita quotidiana per una vita più spirituale e stabile sono molto importanti. L'Arbre De Vie, indossato come gioiello, è senza dubbio uno di questi oggetti di benessere con molti benefici! Indossare un gioiello dell'albero della vita offre molti benefici Nella tradizione esoterica, indossare un gioiello Tree Of Life è una fonte di energia positiva, per portare amore, fortuna quando simboleggia anche la vita eterna. Infine, all'Albero della Vita, indossato in gioielli (collane o braccialetti di perle, ciondoli), si riconosce anche la capacità di facilitare l'ancoraggio di una persona, portandole pace e armonia. Per andare oltre e approfittare dei benefici della litoterapia, scegli una collana Albero della Vita dei 7 Chakra. Oltre al suo aspetto estetico unico, le pietre agiscono su ciascuno dei vostri chakra per riequilibrarli, un'azione dolce e continua per un gioiello di benessere!
Self Care Tips From BTS Plus Self Care and BTS Giveaway
Hello fam! So much has happened! We are growing in numbers with members. Plus we have gained a new editor! I'm super excited! We all know that BTS are huge supporters of self care and self love! Like...they did do an entire album and concept called Love yourself and our President Namjoon brought it up at his huge speech. So let's dive into some self care tips from BTS. Tip 1: TRUE LOVE FIRST BEGINS WITH LOVING MYSELF This is so true. No one can love anyone genuinely before loving themselves. This can be a challenge due to how much media tells us unconsciously to not be satisfied with ourselves. Love your flaws and accept who you are. Nothing is wrong with self improvement but remember no one is perfect. Tip 2: "MAYBE I MADE A MISTAKE YESTERDAY, BUT YESTERDAY’S ME IS STILL ME. TODAY, I AM WHO I AM WITH ALL OF MY FAULTS AND MY MISTAKES. TOMORROW, I MIGHT BE A TINY BIT WISER, AND THAT WILL BE ME TOO.” Speaking of self-improvement this quote is spot on. Don't be afraid to be the best version of yourself and don't beat yourself up for making mistakes. What was done yesterday is done, but we can make change for tomorrow based upon what we learned from yesterday's mistakes. IT IS NEVER TOO LATE OR ANYTHING WRONG WITH STARTING OVER! Tip 3: "I HAVE COME TO LOVE MYSELF FOR WHO I AM, FOR WHO I WAS, AND FOR WHO I HOPE TO BECOME.” It also helps to have self reflection as you grow by looking at your past self to see how much you have grown. Just because you are happy with your present self doesn't mean you don't want to continue to grow and or have any future goals. Love your past, present, and future self all in one. I know I can't wait to become my future self! However, I'm thankful for my past self and the lessons she has and will teach my present self. Giveaway Rules and Set up! The self-care and BTS community has teamed up to promote self love and self care. As you know BTS has done this recently with their vacation. The rules are simple. Must follow all rules to be considered for the grand prize of a small self care package including a surprise BTS item. Rules 1. Create a Card on how you would spend a self care day with your Bias from BTS 2. Submit to BTS and Self Care Community 3. In the Title make sure to state the card is for the Giveaway (e.g. Namjoon Spa Day Adventure: BTS Self Care Giveaway) 4. Must submit on time. The Deadline is next Wednesday 9/26/19 EST time 11:59pm. 5. Must be an active member of the BTS and self care community. That means you have to at least posted 3 cards in both communities over the time you joined the communities. THE MOST CREATIVE CARD WILL WIN!!! The announcement of the winner will be that Friday. The winner will be contacted via DM and must respond within 24 hours of the announcement of the winner. Make sure to check group chat and the community for the announcement of the winner. GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE! CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THOSE CARDS!!