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Hahhaa...such an unique name... delicious~
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@ameliasantos10 you crack me up, hahahaha!!! let me translate its "kung fu" b/c its kick ass, gooddddd!!!!!! hahahaha!!!!
@ameliasanto10 lol...hahahaa..u're so funny...u're the first person who's asking me such a ques...hahaa,where does that kung fu comes from?? lol..I never thought about that ques before..I just eat'm also don't know..I will ask that aunt who's selling this noodle..hahaha
@cheerfulcallie's really good...hahaa..kick
@syjes hahaha I am sorry for the inconvenience ahhahaha but I guess I am quite a curious person >.< and wow I would love to have a bowl of that right now T_T's okay's good to be a curious person...Come here and I will treat you this!! kekeke