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Atlas Moth ○ World’s biggest moth ○ The adult form does not have a mouth, so it dies within 1~2 weeks due to starvation. ○ Because it has a short adult life span, it has a strong desire to reproduce as quickly as possible. The female produces a strong pheromone which can be detected by the male few kilometers away. ○ It only depends on the nutrients consumed during its caterpillar form. It does not eat anything after it is fully grown. ○ It is named after the Titan of Greek mythology ‘Atlas,’ who was condemned by Zeus to bear the heaven upon his shoulders. ○ The end of its wings which resemble the head of a snake is used to avoid predators. ○ The cocoon of the pupa is large enough to be used as a purse in Taiwan.
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Oh wow this moth is huge! But the vibrant colors kind of makes it look like a oversized butterfly
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That's beautiful
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