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Hello sports people, Well the new year has come and past, so I just wanted to say a brief introduction about me, what I hope to do with the sports interest, and to ask you all for your support! I really think that the sports interest is showing a lot more promise in the past few weeks, thanks to some great new contributors, but I think there is still a lot to do! I personally believe that sports fans deserve a strong community so that they can always talk sports, all the time. There are too many great sports and such few communities. Besides the fantasy sports boards, I can't really think of many. My goal this quarter to get good contributors for some the more ignored sports arenas, such as college sports, extreme sports, and maybe even mix in field hockey, soccer, etc. I know that I am probably biting off more than I can chew but I am really aiming high bc I want to start off the year with a bang! I really also want to take this time to ask any sports maniacs to please message me or reach out to me. I more than implore all sports dudes to unite and create something special for us all to enjoy!
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@yinofyang I am sorry I was away on vacation but yep count on it! @happyrock yea lets talk. there is a lot we can help each other in. @joebiden thanks for the advice! @badboy1525 thanks
@RocketHakeem Congrats to you! Sounds like a lot of new content will be heading our way, hopefully.
@rockethakeem I think that you will do a good job with this. I think we need to talk often though since I will be the editor on extreme sports so I think we will be on the same path!
Sounds great! Good luck!
you should talk to @caldoofkinjr for the college sports he really knows his stuff