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Hey, so what is up guys?? wow even online I can't pull that off lol. Anyway just wanted to say hello to everyone and introduce myself. I am goyo. Some of you may already know me, and may already know that what interests me the most is laughing. I will love any type of content as long as its funny lol I think that funny is so essential for any community, and the Vingle community is no exception. I really do also understand that funny can be very different for people so I ask that you all show us your type of funny. I will try my best to feature and spotlight as much diversified content as possible! I really envision a Funny community where all funnies are welcomed lol I hope that you give me feedback as I go, and that you all feel easy just reaching out to me. I will always lol so don't ever hesitate to give me feedback about the Funny community, and to suggest new things lol Hope that I can do a good job!!
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Congrats @Goyo !!! You do love humor so it's definitely awesome that you get to take care of the Interest. :D
Congratulations @goyo
Congrats! you should talk to @balishag, his posts were great
@divalycious @neaa @turtle03 thanks so much! I will definitely keep on lolling lol ok that was a bad joke please dont judge me too much lol
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