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So I will try to make this short and sweet :) I just wanted to introduce myself to the community, and say that I will try to do my best to make sure that our community provides a variety of good quality extreme sports conversations. I really will try my best to bring out the best content about extreme sports, whether it via introducing it myself, or encouraging other contributors to grace us with their content. Nevertheless what I want the most is that we always have great conversation so please comment and give appreciation to all the good content you see :) I want this to be a real active community, even if we are small :) thx!!
@happyrock Aw, congrats! You've always been very active in the sports interests. Great to see you get it.
@curtis i dont understand XD what do u mean least favorite one? haha there quite a few I have yet to try like shark diving, but not sure if I would hate it ha
Emphasis on least
Cool, extreme sports are so diverse. What's your least favorite one?