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Hello fellow scuba divers, I am the new Scuba Diving Interest editor for 2014 Q1 Editor. I wanted to say hello to all my fellow scuba divers, and to let everyone know to please reach out to me if you want to discuss scuba diving or our community. I look forward to leading our community with the help of hopefully many more community leaders. Please let me know how I am doing, and hopefully I will merit the position :)
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@mikyung0412 Thanks to you, I got to know how beautiful the underwater world is. Please keep up the good work!
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@juliayoo Glad to hear it! Thank you!
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@mikyung0412 Aw, congrats! You've always been such a strong advocate for Underwater Everything. Lol. XD I know you'll do well. :D
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@yinofyang thank you so much! I will try to do my very best :)
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b bear
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