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Not only effective in curbing the illegal Pipe Benders Manufacturer

After the pre-market research and careful investigation, 10 31, match-fixing in the Harbin Public Security Bureau personnel security detachment and through coordination with local law enforcement agencies came to pass bearing distributors in Hebei Province Yanshan County Central Office, confiscated on the spot fake HRB Bearing 270 I box, worth 35 million yuan; November 7, counterfeiting officer and his party also was removed to Tianjin Hardware City, on the spot confiscated 156 cartons of counterfeit HRB bearings, worth 13 million yuan.

After nearly two months of special anti-counterfeiting rights protection, with a total collection of more than 200 million yuan worth of counterfeit HRB bearings; cast off the fake Kazakh-axis more than 10 agents plaque. Not only effective in curbing the illegal Pipe Benders Manufacturers activities of selling fake goods molecules and arrogance, clean the bearing market, consolidation and expansion of the Kazakhstan-axis products in the market fair share, but also enhance the brand image of the HRB, as well as in the user's position.

Tools hardware is a big industry in the hardware industry has a very important role in export momentum in recent years, Meng is also the other categories of bulk exports can not be compared. Hardware industry is a labor-intensive industries in developed countries basically abandoned the area, which provides an opportunity for domestic enterprises. The current global hardware dealers and users through the China International Hardware Show procurement of Chinese products with annual sales of several billions of dollars. In addition, China's huge scale of construction has also created the world's largest market for the last one hardware.

Rectify the Significance of the Enterprise Hardware Market

First, clean up the market.

IMPACT rights protection activities that will effectively curb the illegal activities of selling fake goods molecules and arrogance, to purify the hardware market, and further standardize the market transaction to ensure that the socialist market economy healthy and smooth development of the new century, a vibrant economy can .

Second, to expand market share in hardware.

The huge spread and driven by huge profits, counterfeit hardware products have become extremely powerful hardware market force. In fact, I support the counterfeit product is the ultra-low price of gold is its extremely low behind the production and marketing costs, as well as zero cost of revenue. Effective anti-counterfeit and shoddy products, not only to consolidate the well-known brand products in the market fair share, but also to expand the product's market share.

Third, enhance the brand image of:

Products regardless of their size, the brand should be the first one, which not only conforms to the trend of today's businesses to grow, but also to promote and ensure product quality and effective channels, we can see that a small product branding, and the resulting social effects are great The. Counterfeiting operations can effectively deterred the lawless elements, and better maintenance of the hardware to pursue international quality image.
Fourth, ensure that customer interests are not infringed

Hardware Companies Need to Conduct a Joint Anti-counterfeiting

IMPACT is indeed a certain amount to the enterprise to increase the operating costs, but companies must be aware that no match-fixing and market their own brands will be eroded, we must actively take legal means to safeguard their own interests. And concerns of business needs to keep abreast of market conditions if it is found clues that should be linked with the relevant government departments, minimizing the cost of counterfeiting. The functions of associations is to work together to safeguard the interests of members on the conduct of certain members of corporate norms and constraints, enterprises and government departments to achieve effective communication, or if the policy shortcomings and other issues, associations may also make recommendations to government departments and requirements. After all, the market is not only business and government, they can not just rely on the enterprise and the government. For example, recently faced a large number of low-alloy high speed steel taken as real situation, the China Machine Tool Industry Association, Branch not only the initiative of tools, but also to promote the standard of the agencies amend a certain sense, it is in helping to fake.

These are part of the counterfeiting and Fan Jia above, there is a more important part is to buy a fake, because once there is a large market demand, combined with the lure of a huge profit margins, counterfeiting will remain a "wild fire entirely in spring came up with another. " Some enterprises need to change our concepts, low-quality counterfeit tool although this would reduce procurement costs, but may arise due to very short tool life, quality of instability and so on, actually increase the enterprise's production costs. Other companies need to strengthen management, business management was not standardized, departments do all the things without a good accountability system may have resulted in counterfeit knives into the production flops. Many cases, procurement officers and dealers colluded interests of both sides divided, resulting into the production of fake knives. In general, the majority of veteran workers all have the ability to identify the fake tool, and should foster awareness of counterfeiting of these people, business operators also need to standardize their management and to avoid problems with the purchasing department.

Even after the sound laws and regulations in the future also need to continue to operate the systems engineering, but counterfeiting is expected from the enterprise to the main government departments. At any time, linkage only if the parties together, counterfeiting will bear fruit, the market order has been standardized, legitimate rights and interests of enterprises in order to be protected as a consumer-user enterprises in order to truly improve manufacturing standards.