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The Transcription reads: "SHE DRANK HER ALE AT THE BAR. Girl Cyclist in Rahway Amazed Loungers in Chamberlain's Rahway, N.J., Aug. 24. ---- A petite female figure in natty bicycle costume entered Chamberlain's saloon on Cherry Street to-day, and, with a toss of her head, ordered a bottle of Bass's ale. The genial bartender began to wrap the bottle in a paper, but she said: "Please pull the cork." The men that were in the saloon at the time looked at each other and then at the maiden. In a short time the bottle was emptied and a half dollar flipped on the bar. The bartender made the change. She mounted her wheel and soon was out of sight up Irvington Street, toward St. George's Avenue. The New York Times Published August 25, 1896"
Breaking news haha
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"Change got a half dollar". Heck yea.
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