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Ameliasantos10, your Celebrity Interest Editor

Hello all, I am amelia, or ameliasantos10 as some of you may know me. I really wanted to just say how excited I am to be the new Hollywood stars interest editor. I have always loved movies, and especially their stars. I really wanted to be the editor because I wanted to help bring a community that shows the love we have for our stars, whether they be imagined or not XD. I hope that you all join me in showing our love!! Amelia~~
@YinofYang You've been doing a fantastic job from what I'm hearing. ;)
@2Nell thankss xD I will def. be counting on youu haha @YinofYang thanks :) and yehh let's show them our burning passion for them hahaha :D
@ameliasantos10 Congrats, Amelia! This is definitely your Interest.
count with me if you need any help sis @ameliasantos10!
@joebiden im with you XD
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