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Health & Fitness in 2014
I am windycitytale. I am a fitness person, even though I realize that I still need to do a lot to be the fitness expert I want to be. I take health and fitness very seriously, even if my posts don't always seem so serious. I have been elected the Health and Fitness Interest Editor from January to March 31st. I have looked over our current community, and know that there is a lot to be changed. I know that I cannot do this alone, so I ask for all your help, but I want to create a real health & fitness community that presents great and real health and fitness advice. No cheap tricks, but real content that really lead people the right way to true health and fitness. Tell me your thoughts and lets do this!
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I look forward to this community grow. I am into some sports myself and would like to some tips on how to strengthen my core :)
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@windycitytale … congrats n here's to fitter community!
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@windycitytale I think you have some great ideas. It will be nice to see all the content coming our way, for as you said, true health and fitness. :)
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