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Love is hard to understand. There is no person who can honestly say that he/she knows exactly everything about love. But because of this, I believe that this is a community that requires real help from all, and it is a community that can really help all. I hope that as your 2014 Q1 Love & Relationship Editor I will be able to help create a community that provides help for all. If we all band together, talk about our issues, discuss solutions together then we can create a real helpful community. I hope that you all see me as someone you can always talk to about anything. I will do the same to earn that trust as your editor, and more importantly as your fellow Vingler.
Good Luck!~
good luck sis!
@kristenadams you are right that this would help adults of all ages. I look forward to seeing the fruits of your effort :)
@kristenadams are you going to run a Q&A advice collection based on messages from others? I think people might like that