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Ratings continue to soar with the sixth episode reaching 24.6%. Will this drama break 30%? What happened this week? **** Song Yi kisses Min Joon in an “erotic” dream and that word is used very loosely because I would hope that a lot more than a peck on the lips would occur in an erotic dream. While it laid our fears to rest and we are reassured that kissing can in fact take place in this drama, I think that drunken scene was mainly to clue Min Joon in on Song Yi’s loneliness. The flying saucers are back and Min Joon gets so defensive when Song Yi suggests that aliens help humans that he almost gives his true identity away. We also learn what his philosophy is: “If you don’t feel anything, you can’t get hurt.” Which is all well and good but as Song Yi points out, what’s the point in living if you never feel anything? So they are both lonely people. She’s sacrificed a lot to achieve fame and success and everybody knows her name. He tries his best to stay away from people so almost no one knows his name. But somehow, even though they’ve taken different routes, they’ve arrived at the same lonely spot. The difference is she doesn’t want to be lonely while he’s more than happy to remain that way. Or is he? So as they stand on his balcony, looking at her huge billboard, she jumps on him and he reminds her to get off him and stand a meter away. She obeys but he moves closer to her because he didn’t want her to go that far. SQUEE! When Min Joon’s only friend pops in with food, we finally figure out the saliva mystery – there isn’t any. He shares a meal with them and it seems he just doesn’t want to mix saliva because he likes to be the lone ranger who doesn’t interact with humans. How boring. So he’s been celibate for four hundred years? As Song Yi finds refuge in Min Joon’s place, he slowly gets drawn into her world and before he knows it, he’s her “husband” shopping for her at the local department store. Which makes his fake daddy very happy. Psycho Bro plants a suicide note in his ex’s apartment blaming her depression on Song Yi. So while our sexy alien is out, he sees her world crumbling around her. First, her billboard gets taken down then the reporters leave. But knowing how much she values her fame, he stops her from seeing the now empty billboard and doesn’t tell her the truth about the reporters. In addition, not only does he try to protect her heart, he has to protect her body when she hurts her foot stepping on glass. This is all nice and good but the best part is that we get some skinship! Our alien’s feelings start to deepen and it confuses him. Does he like Song Yi or like her because she’s his first love’s doppelganger? It doesn’t help that the little girl had told him that she wanted to grow up quickly so that she could be with him. And there she is – four hundred years later – all grown up. Is this a new woman or a second chance at his first love? But just like the reporters did, she leaves. And he’s back to being alone like he always was. But somehow, it no longer holds its appeal and he misses her. Song Yi gets back to her life but everything’s changed. Strangers now look at her with derision instead of awe. Now that her appointments are being cancelled, she puts on a brave face and rejects everyone before they can reject her. If she’s going to be punished for a crime she didn’t commit, the least she can do is hold her head up high as she takes the punishment. As they say, opportunity comes but once and Song Yi being written out of her drama means that Se Mi’s role is being expanded. And while she’s comforting her friend, she gets a message from the drama production. So she makes up a lie and runs off to grab hold of this opportunity. Meanwhile, Psycho Bro knows that Song Yi has his ex-girlfriend’s purse and decides to pay her a visit. Who goes to someone’s home and confidently walks into their bedroom? Psycho Bro! But while Song Yi trusts him as an oppa, it doesn’t stop her from being slightly suspicious. And we can’t blame her for letting him into her home and all that jazz because how often does one think that their friend’s older brother kills puppies for fun? Yep, this show went there. Psycho Bro volunteers at an animal shelter just so that he can kill puppies. Writer, are you serious about this? But I’m getting ahead of myself. Our sexy alien sees Psycho Bro in the lobby of his apartment complex but before he can really put things together, a policeman comes looking for him and asks him to come over to the station for questioning. Without a warrant, can’t this wait till daylight? While he’s in the car, Sexlien finally connects the dots and is back to being a reluctant hero. He jumps out of the police car and teleports to his building but before he can go up and save our fair maiden, the security guys stop him. Drats! But don’t fret, Min Joon. It’s still only Episode 6 which means our heroine can’t die. Meanwhile, Song Yi unknowingly digs herself into a hole by telling Psycho Bro that she knows about his relationship with Han Yoo Ra. She wants to comfort him because he’s just lost his girlfriend but this is one of those cases where no good deed goes unpunished. And since he realizes that she knows too much, our ever caring psycho asks about her health. Again, it’s only Episode 6 which means there’s nothing to worry about here… yet.