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Hwi Kyung shows up while his brother is there then Sexlien shows up after his brother leaves. Am I the only one getting Japanese harem drama feels? Cheon Song Yi ssi, can you spare a hot non-killer for us? Hwi Kyung answers the door, Sexlien pushes and locks him out and walks inside like a boss. She’s surprised to see him and all he wants to know is if she’s alright. Dude is being so human-like that he even grabs her arm like a Korean drama hero. Omo! Unfeeling Do Min Joon, what has happened to you? He demands to know how she knows Psycho Bro and just as I’m wondering how he’s going to use this information, he holds her even tighter when she attempts to open the door for Hwi Kyung. He warns her to be careful of who she lets into her home which unfortunately is her cue to kick him out. Now it’s time for the boys to talk man to alien. Our relentless Hwi Kyung tells Min Joon to back off because he shares a long history with Song Yi and plans to make her his very soon. Hearing about how special their relationship is awakens the very human feeling of jealousy in Min Joon so he lashes out by informing Hwi Kyung that Song Yi slept over at his place. How cute. And pathetic. LOL Meanwhile, the world continues to treat Song Yi like a pariah so she lets her agency off the hook and fires her ride-or-die manager. Aww. Take him back! While Song Yi and her mom are at the agency, Se Mi shows up with her mom and we learn that her character has been rewritten to end up with the lead character in their drama. She puts on this big act of sacrificing the role for her friendship with Song Yi but our star sees through it. Which makes Se Mi cray cray. And Sung Na Jung’s sweet mom (from Reply 1994) has had a lobotomy, switched kids and transformed into this jealous, calculating person who encourages her daughter’s dark side. Omma, how could you? I personally don’t think Se Mi should have given up the role but Girlfriend, don’t be so sneaky about it. Meanwhile, Song Yi gets a scary photo in the mail and her first instinct is to reach out to her neighbor. Too bad he’s stuck in 1994 and still uses a pager. But I guess we should be glad that it’s not 1894 otherwise, she’d have to rely on pigeon post. Song Yi’s final exam is on her birthday and her professor leaves a note for her to show up or else. Hwi Kyung also tells her to keep her evening free for him but she’s more excited about her exam. She very badly drives herself to school but can’t even get out of the car because she’s swarmed by reporters. In the meantime, her Neighbor/Professor/Alien Friend/White Knight is worried because she doesn’t show up to class. He uses his alien powers to figure out the problem and runs to her rescue. He goes into lawyer-mode and scares the hell out of the reporters then tells her to step out with her head held high because she’s got no reason to hide from the world. And he keeps the reporters from taking photos by draining their batteries. Then he takes her to the emptiest spot on campus – the school museum. They bicker for a bit till she stops at her doppelganger’s hairpin when an inexplicable feeling of sadness overcomes her. What we learn is that her doppelganger’s father hadn’t wanted his daughter dead and trusted that his wife would do the right thing and help her escape. All would have ended well if a flying saucer hadn’t been spotted in the air and the authorities didn’t need a scandal to take everyone’s attention away from it. So she became their scapegoat and they destroyed her father’s home and killed him. Tragic. Meanwhile, she ran away with her heavily poisoned benefactor and after the authorities closed in on them and shot at him, she jumped in front and gave up her life for him. No wonder he hasn’t been able to forget her for four hundred years. Back in the present, Se Mi sees our Sexlien’s photo in her brother’s room and instantly recognizes him as the man who’d saved her friend twelve years earlier. What will she do with this information? Hwi Kyung puts together a cheesy event at an amusement park that he tones down once he learns that Song Yi hates that stuff. I’m actually with her because a thousand roses is a waste of money especially as I prefer cash. Song Yi is helpless without her manager and after telling Min Joon her sob story of being unable to take care of herself, he very easily accepts her job offer and becomes her part-time manager. It’s funny how quickly his resolve has crumbled and he’s practically putty in her hands now. Song Yi arrives at the amusement park with Min Joon. She’s also wearing shorts in the dead of winter. Costume Unni, I don’t think the audience would have been upset if she’d worn tights. Sweet Hwi Kyung wants to take Song Yi up on the Ferris Wheel and a flashback shows us why – she always rode one with her father on her birthdays. We also learn that part of the reason she worked so hard as a kid was that money brought peace to their home. They hold hands as they get into it. Min Joon sees them and thinks back to the day his first love died for him. She’d given him the hairpin as a farewell gift, explaining that prior to meeting him, she’d given up on life but now, she wants to live and grow up for him. How awful it must be to see death right after you’ve chosen life. In tears, she tells him that death won’t make her forget him. Four hundred years ago, he’d been too weak to stop time and prevent his first love’s death and as a result, he felt very helpless, crying with her body in his arms. And for some reason, the baddies just watched him instead of killing him too. Four hundred years later, he listens to a conversation he wishes he couldn’t hear. Song Yi is grateful for the ride and Hwi Kyung confesses that he’s glad she’s having a hard time because it’s given him a chance to be there for her. It’s true that he doesn’t get her weak-kneed but isn’t the comfortable relationship they’ve shared for fifteen years a form of love? He promises to give her all the freedom she requires and protect her forever. What say she? Just as she’s about to tell us, Min Joon stops time. This is nothing like having his first love die but there are still some things that he’d rather not hear. **** Awesome episodes! I love how quickly our alien is falling for our actress. These are feelings that he’s refused to have for four hundred years but here’s this shameless woman forcing them out of him. I absolutely love the extended flashbacks at the end that give us more insight to the story. I don’t think any other drama has done this. I love the Reply 1994 and Heirs references and also love how Min Joon slid closer and closer to her after asking her to move a meter away. How pathetic is it that Min Joon is experiencing so much jealousy and resorting to stopping time just to avoid hearing her accept Hwi Kyung’s feelings? But will she? She’s never shown much romantic interest in him however, this week, she acknowledged that her hormones were raging so it might be time to get married. Plus she appreciated Hwi Kyung’s gesture and I vaguely remember the early drama synopsis describing Hwi Kyung as her fiancé so maybe she does. I guess we’ll find out very soon. The only thing I’m not too fond of is the damsel-in-distress act that’s majorly going on right now. How many times does he have to save her? Jae Kyung remains ridiculous but I suppose we should be glad that he’s killing puppies scheduled for euthanasia and doesn’t just go around kidnapping his neighbor’s pets and killing them. As for Se Mi, we’re left wondering what she’s going to do after connecting Min Joon with the man from the past. Will she get darker or become worried for her friend? I think the show is great at creating suspense and storylines that could reasonably go in different directions. How is Song Yi related to Min Joon’s first love? Since the Joseon era makes her feel sad, perhaps she’s a reincarnation. And Min Joon needs to figure out who he’s interested in – Song Yi or Song Yi because she reminds him of his first love. And will it ever be possible to separate the two? And if Song Yi is her reincarnation, what exactly does that mean? Another chance with his fated one? And if so, could he leave after three months? And if she’s a completely different person, can he love her all the same? Tons of questions but luckily, we’ve got fourteen more episodes. I can’t wait! Till then!