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I do not know if many of you know me, so I wanted to take some time to introduce myself. I am melody00, but you can call me mel :) I am a huge music lover. I will listen to anything at least once. I believe that all tension and worries can be whisked away by music. If I ever have any troubles, my best friend will always be my iPod. I hope that within the next 3 months, I can help make the Vingle Music community a place of freedom to share and express all types of music. I know that with everyone helping in a little bit, we can make this a real haven for all music lovers. PS I also will rely on all of you to please recommend new artists and underground artists so that we can bring attention to these great artists! Thanks!
congrats @melody00 that's cool, I'm fairly new to the site in general and I love music so I hope to become friends with people c:
Congrats on becoming the Editor for music. Looking forward to the community flourishing.
good luck mel!
@melody00 good luck! can i start to call you Mel now? :) I really look forward to the music interest since music inspires so many of us!
@melody00 Congrats!
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