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Super M Debut Collaboration Day 3!

OKAY THIS IS FOR MY REACTION AND CAN I JUST SAY WHOEVER’S BRIGHT IDEA IT WAS TO PUT MY BIASES AND BIAS WRECKERS FROM EACH GROUP IN ONE GROUP I NEED TO HAVE A TALK TO! I also can’t believe they used Kai’s power in this! Of course the rap line killed it like they always do! Back when Super M was announced people complained about Baekhyun being in it because they didn’t think he fit in the group, well he proved all them wrong! And that goddamn Taemin always knows how to kill me I swear! He seems extra rude now that Key is in the military! ON ANOTHER NOTE WHOEVER HAD THE IDEA TO HAVE TEN RAP? They need a raise
I never knew I needed this! So all in all this song is a bop holy shit. They all killed it and they all so damn good! If you haven’t seen the mv yet watch it!
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