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Hello, I am badboy1525, the new interest editor for the travel community. I wanted to start my travel interest editor period with this quote because it is one that has a lot of meaning to me. I often travel to places but try to not rely on my map. The fact of the matter is that I believe that the world was meant to be wandered. I do not believe that I am lost in a new country or city, rather I am finding new opportunities to discover something completely new. How could I possibly find all the beauty in the world with a map? No map, no person knows all the beauty and wonder this world has to offer so the only possible way to discover something completely new is to wander and search. I hope that during the period I am an interest editor, I would like to encourage our community to take on the spirit behind this quote. I want our community to help people expose the often forgotten beauty that may not be found in maps. I, of course, understand that this will only be possible with all of your help. I thank Vingle for giving this opportunity to help our community, and I ask for all my fellow travelers to please unite with me in creating a great community for all hard-core or casual travelers!
I've traveled around the world and also took a six month sabbatical from consulting to travel extensively in Europe, Iceland, across Canada and the US and I have a documented travelpod blog and pictures of my hiatus that if love to share with anyone interested. I also have a couple more travel trips planned for this year ahead too so more to follow. I love connecting with other hardcore travelers!
@yinofyang I am so happy that you caught where that quote came from :) It is a great quote and one of my favorite books so I thought it appropriate. Thank you for your kind words and support!
@badboy1525 It's so nice to see you become the editor for travel. It's totally fitting and even better since you started it with a Tolkien quote. :D Congrats and looking forward to the next three months.
@popcoco98 that's a picture I created but one that I hope one day is completely true! And it is not winter here but its quite :)
@badboy love the vintage picture! Is that an old picture of yours? Good luck this winter! oops i forgot it might not be winter where you are :)