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Who cannot use some tips to make their home or their daily life better? That is why DIY is such an important aspect of any person's life. Now, when I do not believe DIY is just about the home. I believe DIY, as many of you already know, can help us improve our life is so many different ways! I hope that we can help usher in the expansion era of DIY at Vingle within the next 3 months. If there are any things that you all need help to create, please lets share with each other. What's more, if anyone of you have discovered any cool and innovative ideas on how to solve daily problem with DIY, please share :)
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@honeybumbleb you are very correct. There are so many things that can help us in our daily lives that we could make on our own :) I really hope that I can start to apply a lot of the great things you bring to us :)
You should post a ton of diverse stuff, I'd love to learn how to make a dresser and not have to buy one!