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Hey guys! I'm designinspire and i'm the new interest Editor for Graphic Design! I didn't know that I would get the editor position!!! I'm so excited that I got it! I'll try to upload more cards about Graphic Design. I love basically everything that relates to Graphic Design. Love typography, UI/UX Design, Print Design, Package Design , Branding etc .. u name it! Feel free to upload anything that's related to Graphic Design and share it with other Vinglers! I really want to see more vinglers in Graphic Design Interest this year! Let's talk about Design. If you have any concerns regarding to this Graphic Design Interest, feel free to contact me ! If your new, and is struggling, also feel free to message me through Vingle. I'll be happy to help you out. Along with Introduction message I'm also uploading this awesome business card. It's different from traditional business cards you see out there! This business card turns into a a little box of transporting cargo air. very cool! (Design was done by Young & Rubicam -
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I love it when business cards are unique to the field of the individual.
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