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Photographer Kin Chan Another photo of Shirogane blue lake in Hokkiado. I love how the trees have been planted in such direct lines.
@yinofyang nature is amazing in so many ways :) @garrusvakarian I'd love to see cards about this sort od natural phenomenon lol :)
It's aluminum hydroxide. And what's even more interesting is that the color of the lake actually changes with the weather... More details here: http://gizmodo.com/why-this-magical-lake-changes-color-with-the-weather-1464549580/1464727270/@jesusdiaz
@popcoco98 It's so hard to believe that water can be that brilliant color. @onesmile Right? It's so crazy that minerals can do that and I think @GarrusVakarian should tell us more. :)
@GarrusVakarian woah, its due to minerals in the water? awesome! Do you know what kind of minerals?
I was expecting this to be another example of humans ruining the environment around them, but it turns out this one is natural - the color is due to natural minerals dissolved in the water. Neat!
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