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In a surprising move, the Supreme Court has imposed a temporary stay on gay marriage in Utah. I was not expecting this. The Su­preme Court act­ed more than two weeks af­ter a fed­eral judge in Salt Lake City on Dec. 20 struck down Utah’s ban on same-sex mar­riage, say­ing it vi­o­lat­ed prin­ci­ples of equal pro­tec­tion and due process. Judge Robert J. Shel­by of Fed­eral Dis­trict Court re­fused to stay his de­ci­sion while it was ap­pealed, as did the Unit­ed States Court of Ap­peals for the 10th Cir­cuit, in Den­ver.
i'm shocked, was not expecting this
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Yeah Sotomayor seems so progressive but I guess this was the whole court
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I did not expect this either, any update on the matter?
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