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Russia's War on Terror Should Remain Within Constitutional Limits
Russian politicians want a tougher response to terrorism, even going so far as to cancel a ban on the death penalty. On Monday, Roman Khudyakov from the leftist Liberal Democratic Party (LDPR) introduced in the Duma a relevant draft appeal to the president. “I propose to cancel the moratorium on the death penalty for terrorists, pedophiles, serial killers, drug lords as well as those responsible for serious traffic accidents with multiple casualties,” he told Interfax. Khudyakov says he’s confident that his appeal will be supported by the four factions of the Parliament and get the required 226 votes to be forwarded to Vladimir Putin. This is an odd move, suicide terrorists are not going to be deterred by the death penalty.
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But will it? the russians and putin have a habit of overstepping
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Probably not, lets give them the benefit of the doubt
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