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Hedgehog full of cuteness is enjoying his life!

Hi Animals community FAM!!!! Thanks for waiting! Kimbler is back <3
Do you guys know Mr.Pokee? He was one of the cutest Hedgehog that existed, having many adventures and journeys around the world. After Mr.Pokee passed away..Many people were missing Pokee.
About half a year ago, Mr. Pokee's (one fam of spiky family) legacy was passed on to another adorable spiky fella, Herbee. Seems like it was a part of Pokee's otherworldly masterplan to send this little friend to Talitha's life at just the perfect time. Herbee was adopted from a girl, who couldn't keep him due to an extreme allergic reaction. And it was meant to be - Talitha became a hog mom for a second time!

Although they are not related, Herbee seems to have Mr. Pokee's modeling talents with his sweet poses and funny expressions, especially when put into quirky scenarios.

What do you think!?

awwwww so cute
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