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so.. i was scrolling through facebook and i saw this post .. so i read it and i just totally freaked out like, ARE YOU KIDDING ME >.< i sweeeeeaaarrrr if she come near , yongguk , CNU oppa , and yoseob.. i WILL hunt her down in korea , i don't caaaare if i'm broke , i will hunt her down and strangle her ... :3 have a nice day ^_^ oh and i'm sorry if i haven't post anything for a long time >.<
Is this person crazy. No wonder The Idols live in a world fear of their fans. Why can' t people just sit back and enjoy what they have to offer. Their music brings joy to our heart, they make us feel better when we have a bad day. They bring excitement into our boring lives. I can go on and on. This poor person(s) needs allot of love and prayers in their life, so they can get this evil thought out of their crazy mind. AMEN...
well said. i agree 100% with you , i think she have mental problem or something...
Their manager was driving and it was raining really hard.
That was a car accident. Two members from Ladies Code
Oh shit! (excuse my language) A popular idol DID die in 2014. Not one, but two actually. 0.0
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