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so.. i was scrolling through facebook and i saw this post .. so i read it and i just totally freaked out like, ARE YOU KIDDING ME >.< i sweeeeeaaarrrr if she come near , yongguk , CNU oppa , and yoseob.. i WILL hunt her down in korea , i don't caaaare if i'm broke , i will hunt her down and strangle her ... :3 have a nice day ^_^ oh and i'm sorry if i haven't post anything for a long time >.<
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I rebuke that in the name of Jesus, she not going to do anything to sehun crazy people!
Oh my god. excuse my language but she is a crazy bitch.
Oh shit! (excuse my language) A popular idol DID die in 2014. Not one, but two actually. 0.0
That was a car accident. Two members from Ladies Code
Their manager was driving and it was raining really hard.