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MyPerfectWords - A Credible Writing Assistant or a Scam?

If you are short on time and have loads of assignments to turn in then finding writing help is something that you must have done. It is quite common for high school and college students to turn to online research to find a credible custom writing help for their essays and papers.

To help you make the decision easily and quickly, we have reviewed MyPerfectWords, a writing assistance company that claims to be 100% legitimate and have native writers for multiple types of assignments. Let's find out if they really are what they claim to be.

Quick Review (On a scale of 5 stars)

Website Design - 4.5/5
Services - 5/5
Ordering Process - 5/5 
Customer Service 5/5
Prices and Discount 4/5 
Content Quality 5/5
Customer Reviews 4/5 
Conclusion 4.5/5

Website Design

MyPerfectWords website design is clean and crisp, something that is hard to find if you are someone who is always looking for online custom essay writing help. Instead of cramming the entire website with, especially the homepage, with content, they have sectioned them and added reasonable spaces between them.

The colors are nicely balanced with negative space and the entire site is easy to scan and browse. The transition time between the pages is hardily 2 to 3 seconds, which is pretty quick. However, I find the HUGE list of categories down in the footer a bit overwhelming, i hope they could come up with some clever ideas about them.


They offer an extensive plethora of services. The range is quite impressive and it is great to see that you will not have to run anywhere else to get your work edited and proofread. They do it all. Besides, they offer a number of benefits.

They have detailed the reasons that any student should work with them that includes ‘premium quality content, 100% privacy, unlimited revisions, on time delivery, friendly customer support and order tracking’. To know more, I placed the order on their website.

Ordering Process

The ordering process is simple. You do not have to fill in loads and loads of information. It has only 3 steps and you can place the order under 15 minutes, which is a great relief. Usually, the companies send a big and detailed questionnaire to fill but, MyPerfectWords has a swift and concise process.

Customer Service

Once I placed the order, one of the customer representatives contacted me himself, good to know someone does care about us. The person that I communicated with was polite and quite knowledgeable about all the services and he knows how to answer the questions. Talking about questions, the site has an inclusive FAQs section that answers nearly all of the questions and concerns.

To help you further, they have some free writing samples that you can view and see how they work. I found them right on top and it is good that I did not have to fish through the entire site to see if they got any work samples.

Prices and Discounts

Considering what I have found out about the prices other companies are offering, I found MyPerfectWords. a bit in the pricier side. A high school paper price per page is $15, after the 50% discount which is more than what I found on other websites.

It is justified or not, I am yet to find out.

Content Quality

Before going on with how my paper was written, I would like to add that my paper was delivered within the deadline that I had given, no late submissions. Getting to the content quality, my paper was good and I am generally satisfied with the quality. The references were all from credible sources, no Wikipedia, and it was well arranged and structured. I can tell by the look of it that it was written by a Native speaker, which is just what they claim.

Absolutely worth the time and their cost.

Customer Reviews

The company has mixed reviews, which is something that nearly all companies have. People like me would say that their experience was great while there would be some who may not find their experience worthwhile. Whatever it is, instead of listening to anyone, I believe that you should place an order with them and see how it works for you.
And from the other site,


On the whole, my experience was positive and satisfying. Though I do find that the prices are a bit higher than what other companies charge, the results are good and even though they justify their price with quality, I hope that they review them.

Rating: 4.5 Stars
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Jungkook No Longer Baby Boy (+19)
Que tal peeps! WE ARE STILL COUNTING DOWN TO JUNGKOOK'S BIRTHDAY IN THE AMS COMMUNITY. THIS IS A QUICK FANFICTION THAT CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT! Jungkook has always been like a little brother to you and you always looked after him, especially when the guys picked in him. You were planning a special birthday surprise for him with the guys. "He should be happy he gets a cake." Yoongi scuffed. "Well well now lets not be too mean Yoongi...he is the youngest." I said while writing down ideas. You and the guys came up with a plan. You and Jin would bake a cake and cook food. Hobi and Tae would clean up while Namjoon and Yoongi decorated. "Namjoon please don't break anything." Hobi laughed. Namjoon rolled his eyes and laughed. The next day it was super hot in the office and all you wanted to fo was take a shower. You rushed home and jumped into the shower. Jin would be shopping for food with Namjoon while the others bought decorations. Jungkook would be at the library volunteering so everything should be finished then. The water felt so good as you allowed it to hit your skin. You had your relaxing body wash. You inhaled the lavender scent and lathered up your body sponge. You began cleaning and singing when you seen a pair of eyes looking in the small crack of the door. You paused thinking you seen something else. You didn't know if your mind was playing tricks on you. Then you looked back and no one was there. You finisjef showering and walked down to your room. You noticed Jungkook's door was cracked. This was strange cuz he always locks his door. You pay no mind and get dressed. The crew arrived and you all get to preparing the surprise birthday for Jungkook. You were pleased how everything played out. Namjoon only broke 3 things which is good. You walked to your room to get an extra present you brought for Jungkook when you noticed your pantry drawer was opened. Your neatly arranged panties were all a mess. You picked up the present wrapped in shiny red wrapper and seen that Jungkook's door was cracked wider. You walked down the hall and heard odd noises. "Yass gosh noona..." You peeped your head in without makjng a sound and saw Jungkook with your panties in his hand. He was licking a pink pair with a red pair wrapped around his man hood. Jungkook was stroking himself. You found yourself shook for a moment. But then you began watching out of enjoyment. Your breathing goth heavier. Jungkook slowly his hand motion and grinned. "I know you are watching me noona." You covered ur mouth. But a gasp escaped ur wet lips. "Jungkook why do you have my panties? "Noona you know I want you. I made that clear last week when I spanked the hell out of you. Remember you made me promise not to tell." You walked into his room and closed the door. "Shh boy that was a mistake." "A mistake?" Jungkook said while raising his eyebrow. He smiled while looking at the gift I had. 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Korean & Chinese Numbers Part 1
Recently I learned the Korean/Chinese number system, or at least how to decipher it. I thought it was pretty dang interesting. As I learned and as many probably have so far, is that South Korea uses two sets of numbers. Chinese numbers, also known as the Sino Korean numbers, (system 1 in above chart) is mainly used for money and phone numbers. (Edit: I have found that this system is also used for counting. Maybe it happens in certain situations but I've heard people counting using Sino-Korean numbers) Korean numbers (system 2 in above chart) is mainly used for age, time, and counting. The easiest (for me) was learning the Chinese/Sino Korean numbers. I'm not saying I'm an expert, I'm still learning. I do get a couple wrong. So let's take a look at the Sino Korean numbers first. 영 = 0 (regular number count) 공 = 0 (for phone numbers) 일 = 1 이 = 2 삼 = 3 사 = 4 오 = 5 육 = 6 칠 = 7 팔 = 8 구 = 9 십 = 10 As you see in the chart above, numbers beyond ten (10 십), contains the 십 + the coordinating number. For example: 15 = 십 (10) + 오 (5) After 19, its becomes a little longer but the concept still applies. Except the beginning character would be the coordinating number. So it's like multiplying the first two numbers and then adding. You would do this all the way up to 99. For example: 25 = 이(2) x 십 (10) + 오 (5) If someone came up to you, asking for your phone number, these are the numbers you would use. Keep in mind, when using 0 (zero), you would change the 영 to 공. For example: 908-631-0005 = 구공팔 육삼일 공공공오 After 99, comes the hundreds, thousands, and million numbers. In which case, the number becomes longer but the formula stays the same. The chart above is in the millions but I wanted to give you an idea of what these numbers look like as they get bigger. 백 = 100 천 = 1,000 만 = 10,000 십만 = 100,000 백만 = 1,000,000 천만 = 10,000,000 억 = 100,000,000 For example: 258 = 이백오십팔 (이(2) x 백(100),오(5) x 십(10) + 팔(8) 2580 = 이천오백팔십 (2x1000, 5x100, 8x10) ₩on! (원 or KRW) I almost forgot! When it comes to counting 원, you still use the same formula but only adding 원 at the end. For example: 10 won (coins) = 십원 or 1,000 won (bills) = 천원 4900 ₩ = 시천구백원 (4x1000, 9x100 ₩) Coins: 10 ₩ = 십원 50 ₩ = 오십원 100 ₩ = 백원 500 ₩ = 오백원 Bills: 1,000 ₩ = 천원 5,000 ₩ = 오천원 10,000 ₩ = 만원 50,000 ₩ = 오만원 The longer the numbers got, I got a little confused. So I hope this has been helpful. I'll get the Korean number system posted soon. Thank you!
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How To Learn A New Language At Home
I've been trying to improve my French recently, and came across these awesome YouTubers called DamonandJo. They have self-taught themselves nearly 6 languages! I believe they speak French, Spanish, Portugese, Italian, German, and of course English! You can either watch the video above (which I suggest cause they have the BEST sense of humor) or check out their tips below: 1. Follow Famous YouTubers in the language you want to learn! There are tons of youtubers in other languages, and often if they are famous enough, there will be english subtitles. Listen to them to hear real people speaking the language rather than a text book! They're usually super entertaining too so it helps :) 2. Follow those YouTubers or famous people on twitter so you see that language each day! The easiest way to get used to a foreign language is to see it all the time and this really helps! 3. Change your phone/facebook/etc language to your desired language! Since you probably already know where everything is in your phone or facebook, you wont be confused and you'll learn a ton of new vocab! 4. Listen to audio books in the language you want!!! Audible has a ton of foreign language books. Try starting with a book you already know well (like Harry Potter for me - I'm trying to read that in Korean right now...) and listen throughout your day! 5. Sign up for foreign magazines or newsletters! Or even better download their app in another language! For example, my boyfriend gets push notification from Le Monde which is a french newspaper :) Even if you only read the headline, its practice. 6. Try cooking a meal using a recipe in a different language! You start to learn that a lot of words you actually already know (for example, sauté means the same thing in french and in korean bokkeum (like bokkeumbap) means fried! so literally "fried rice!" 7. Watch TV shows in the language Duh!!!! 8. Talk to yourself and dont be afraid! Practice speaking whenever you can, even to people who are strangers! be brave! What languages are you trying to learn?!