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You reacts to...pt2

the crew killing all your plants

You: I said one cup of water at the beginning and end of the week. It's a desert plant Seonghwa, how do you kill it?
Gray: Apparently by over watering it.
You: I'm not as upset about you killing my plants as I am about you leaving the dead plants in my house. It smells sour in there.
Gyujeong: I told you we should've bought her new ones.
Hwimin: With that tiny apartment? Killing those plants was pretty much a favor. She should be saying thank you.
You: Hey Mintaek, when you were watching Jung did you remember to water my bonsai?
Elo: Water your what?
You: Oh god.
Harry: Your that mad at me for killing your aloe plant?
You: I mad at you because you promised to take care of my plants and you didn't. I left you a whole list how can you screw it up?
Harry: That list was really complicated.
You: Harry a monkey could literally read and follow those directions better than you!
Duck: I really don't know why you're surprised, I told you I'm not good with plants.
You: Did you at least feed the dog?
Duck: Bad news is I didn't feed the dog the good news is the stray cat outside did.
You: Oh my god Ju Kyung.
Loco: I'm so sorry I killed your pansies
You: Oh that's okay, they were a present from an ex I knew you'd kill them anyway.
Loco: Why are you like this towards me?
You: Park Jaebeom-ah! You lit my rose bush on fire?
Jay: Can I intrest you in some food as an apology?
You: That's not going to work Jay. What were you thinking?
Jay: Come out to eat with us and I'll explain. You know you want free food.
You: *sighs* Fine, damn you.

I dont even want to know how he set fire to my roses
@Starbell808 😂😂😂😂
and how does one kill an aloe.
@Starbell808 I killed mine by neglect 😂😂😂😂
@BabydollBre that I understand lol
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