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Reduce Kid’s Screen Time using Parental Control App

Screen time limit is the burning issue nowadays because it makes people vulnerable to several diseases and online threats.

While talking about children, they spend prolonged hours on the internet which hampers their mental and physical growth. And, Parents find a challenging task to separate kids and technology. For this reason, smart parents are shifting towards limit screen time app.

Thus, we have come up with the best solutions to combat excessive media hours of your children using parental control software.

Useful Tips For Restricting Screen Time And Introducing Child Monitoring App

Regulating screen time is a big move for teens, but it can introduce some positive life changes. Let’s find out how?

# Control your tech addiction first:

Although limit screen time app is designed to restrict a child’s digital movements, it is also an effective tool to reduce your device usage as well.

If you are glued to smartphones, your kids will mimic your behavior and make it a habit. So, it is advisable to use a kids tracker app to control your tech addiction

# Don't allow gadgets in the bedroom:

Make a rule of not using any electronic gadget in the bedroom. It helps kids to rest their minds peacefully and take sufficient sleep.

The screen time control app is useful in setting the bedtime, which shuts the running app on the child’s device automatically.

# Act smartly:

I-gen kids are technospeak. They easily outsmart parents in finding workarounds of accessing cell phones. Thus, parents need to be smarter while applying parental controls for children's safety.

# Say ‘No’ to the device during family time:

Disallowing the use of smartphones and tablets is not enough. Most kids nowadays are lacking ‘offline entertaining skills.’

Enjoying new activities, experiencing the outside world, sharing mischief with family, etc. helps teens to prevent boredom without triggering arguments or tantrums.

# Encourage a kid’s offline hobbies:

Reading, dancing, sports or any other fun (without screen) helps kids forget about their device.

Boost teen’s morale with your participation and appreciation in tasks they perform.

# Limit screen time app is the right choice:

Parental control software is far more than simply allowing you to set a screen time limit. You can also use other tools like Panic and SOS alert, App and Call Blockers, Anti-theft, and a few more for the digital security of your child.

How To Introduce Screen Time App Without Tantrums:

If your kids have grown up in the screen filled the world, imposing reasonable restrictions can be a challenging task. However, when teens are still young, altering their habits will be more comfortable, and they may accept the new norms quickly.

Do not go cold turkey. Gradual reduction of kid’s screen time habits helps them to accept new changes.

You have to openly discuss the reasons for introducing kids' safety applications, along with the enticing reward to give up excessive screen time.

Make a fair deal with kids and tell them the limit screen time application is not for invading their online privacy, rather it is for their proper growth and development and to keep them safe from digital dangers.

Which Child Tracker App Should Parents Prefer?

Bit Guardian Parental Control is one of the most trusted screen time control apps by users. It monitors and controls a kid’s digital movements.

Unique tools of this kid safety software safeguard children from several risks.

#Time Schedule: Used to define curfew hours on app usage on teen’s device.

#App Install Blocker: It prevents children from downloading new apps.

#Kiosk Mode: A powerful tool that offers indirect access to a child’s mobile to parents.

#GPS: It provides relief to parents when teens obtain driver's licenses as it follows their whereabouts.

The additional feature of Speed Limit keeps and shares a record to parents if teens breach the preset driving speed.

Install one of the best child monitoring apps - Bit Guardian Parental Control that provides cushion to parents about a child's online safety.

Get this application on your device today and experience the benefits!
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10 Mistakes Dudes Make In Their Dating Profiles
Don't pretend like you're not on the dating apps: Tinder, Bumble, Grindr whatever. I don't know what you do when the lights are off, but that's alright, but let me help you succeed. Nobody knows what makes people swipe right. It could be your look, your eyes, your hair, your "about" section. Perfecting these things take time, and we all know we don't want to admit that we like to impress people, but newsflash: we do. So, without further ado here are a few tips I've picked up in my journey to right-swiped-ness. 1. You're not honest. Nobody is going to respect an about me section that looks like this: "Hiii my name is David, I'm 6' 3'', I'm a professional basketball player and an Oxford scholar. I'm rich, fit and I don't QUIT! Right swipe for an intellectual conversation! XO" STOP. YOU'RE NOT REAL. COME ON. 2. Your profile picture isn't even you. In the immortal words of Brendon Urie: "I fell in love with your profile picture, but you look nothing like your profile pic gurl." If you clearly jacked a profile picture from a celebrity or someone else, people will know. I matched with this dude who clearly jacked his picture from Bo Burnham, a comic. And I was like "That's definitely a picture of Bo Burnham". He never responded. 3. You only have group photos. I have a rule: if you're in a group photo, it's an automatic left swipe, because like....WHO ARE YOU? 4. Your bio is blank. AGAIN WHO ARE YOU??? Come on, do a little bit of research, some introspective stuff. What are your interests? What do you like to do. Words can do a lot! 5. You're wearing hats / sunglasses in all of your photos. SERIOUSLY, STOP HIDING, WHAT DO YOU LOOK LIKE? To say that looks aren't important is just dumb. Like, get over yourself and face the music. Tinder is about a first impression, and yours is like...shrouded in mystery. 6. Your bio says "I'm not an asshole." You're clearly an asshole. If you have to tell someone that you're not a jerk...come on dude. Come on. 7. You confess that you're "self employed." Unless you're the CEO of a company, it's safe to say that you don't have a job. Sorry, left swipe. It might be harsh, but fix that shit. I'd rather it say, "I'm a tortured artist, and I'm working on my dream." Bam. Right swipe. 8. You're in pictures with lots of chicks who are really hot. I don't want to compete with your harem. Left swipe. 9. You're a creep after we right swipe. Yes this is beyond the profile, but your first message is very important in continuing a relationship online. Don't get me started about unsolicited "pictures" or messages that talk know, inappropriate things. Just make sure that you're getting to know someone for the right reason, and your success rate will skyrocket. 10. If you're honest, personable and genuine in your messages after we right swipe you, you'll have no problem snagging a date. Seriously, all of this aesthetic stuff aside, just be yourself. Women love to be able to talk and hang around someone who actually cares about what they say, and wants to be with them for more than their looks. You'll get there. Just make sure that you're contacting people for the right reasons, and if at all possible...please refrain from sending us pictures of your things. We don't want that. Seriously. It's not cute. That's all I got, happy swiping.
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Miley Cyrus vs. Demi Lovato In middle school you were awkward, goofy, and completely obsessed with Disney Channel. Sequined purses were big, Aeropostale was written on every boy's chest, Webkinz were the toy of the century, and you knew every single lyric to High School Musical. But the two biggest front runners of your Disney generation were Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato. Cyrus was famous for her star studded double life as Hannah Montana bringing her super fame. Lovato was the star of Camp Rock and Sonny With A Chance, two very successful Disney productions. You liked either Cyrus or you liked Lovato. In real life the two Disney stars were close friends but have now gone their separate ways in the modern music industry. Though they're completely unrecognizable now, you know exactly which one you prefer. Miley Cyrus Where do we begin? Disney Miley is not the woman we know today. She used to like glitter and blonde wigs and sport the fun name "Hannah Montana". She had bubble gum pop hits that filled giant stadiums, something that no other Disney star could match. She was more than just a Disney Channel Star, she was a pop star winning award after award at such a young age. Little girls envied her and little boys wanted to meet her. After a long successful run of "Hannah Montana" Cyrus took a turn for new tastes. It started with party favorite "Party In The USA" and darkened to "I Can't Be Tamed" leading to the Miley Cyrus we know today. Naked. Unpredictable. Tongue wagging free spirit with a love for sex, drugs, and alcohol. But we love that she dared to be different. Demi Lovato She was Disney Channel's sweetheart always portraying the roles as the nice girl next door. She had killer vocals and Disney banked on that slowly inching her way to superstardom. As soon as she became a hit sensation with Camp Rock, she was just as big if not bigger than the current boyband heart throbs, The Jonas Brothers. In following years Lovato faced sky high fame but it brought out some obstacles. She was lonely. She was depressed. She was using self harm and she had an eating disorder. Today, we see someone renewed. Lovato is a woman of empowerment bringing body confidence, self worth, and girl power to a worldwide stage. Lovato is back and we love it. Your favorite?
What is Artificial Intelligence
So with the flow of time, many advancements have been made regarding the information technology with the aim of making life easy and to reduce the complexity of a task. This advancement has introduced a whole new concept known as Artificial Intelligence.   We all know that Siri, Google Now or Cortana are all some of the intelligent digital personal assistants on various platforms. In short, they help us to find useful information when asked in our voice, relaying information from your phone or sending commands to other apps. How do they do that?  Well, Artificial Intelligence is the term linked with the answer. Let’s discuss it in detail.  What is Artificial Intelligence? What does Artificial Intelligence mean? Artificial Intelligence basically refers to the proximity of science and engineering which focus on developing the machines as astute as humans. It means the imitation of human perceptive processes by machines, especially by the computer system. And basically, the process includes learning, reasoning, and self-correction.  They are created to be fitted into place behaviors that humans regard as intelligent. Due to this, the scope of artificial intelligence has increased a lot for some years. When it was first brought in, no one has ever known that it would gain this much of scope. It is all concerned with developing intelligent computer programmers. The main objective behind AI is to enable a machine to discover, analyze & figure out the problems in parallel. Why Artificial Intelligence is required?  Why we need artificial intelligence is due to the work pressure human is facing on a daily basis. Instead of wasting time in thinking what and how all that is to be done, let Artificial Intelligence complete the work! Integrating AI into the systems lets you purify the raw facts into useful and satisfactory information.   The concept of AI saves manpower and helps to create prolific results. Artificial Intelligence can do anything in a real-time world and with different applications; it is growing at a rapid speed. It has multi-directional benefits, researchers have found new interests in it.  “Integrating AI is must, not a need” How does it work?  You will be curious to know how artificial intelligence works. AI uses a simple concept of the machine or supervised learning to train machines on how they need to perform certain tasks without human intercession. Machines are trained with the concept of A-B mapping. Let us consider an example to understand the working of AI. We all use social media platform – Facebook on a regular basis. Facebook elucidates user’s interests including likes, activities etc and further resolve what all content is to be placed on his/her news feed. The longer the time you remain active on Facebook, the more and more data is being generated and stored in the warehouse.  The systems incorporated with AI uses deep learning to get continual feedback on its algorithms as the users interact. This way the algorithms generally referred to as coding assists Facebook or any platform to analyze the interactions of the users to determine the content to be mentioned on the news feed.  Benefits of Artificial Intelligence  Artificial Intelligence can help to improve human life and reduce stress by taking the burden on itself. We will further discuss the major benefits of artificial intelligence in society in detail.  Insight in Marketing & Business Data is probably the most important raw material for the transformation of an economy to the digital one. This raw data flutter untapped, unprocessed and useless until it can be deployed for data mining. Processing of such big data can be done within no time to provide information on business insights.  Fraud Detection  Artificial Intelligence can be deployed in the disclosure of fraud by data analysis of several deceitful behaviors. The system can trace out links and possible direction, which frauds usually to take through the application of artificial intelligence, involving Data analysis of the previous record to track, trace and aware of possible phony actions. Big Data Analysis Decision-making, which is very vital, can be done through artificial intelligence! As the risk of errors can’t be comprehended in such cases, so in order to analyze millions of data, big data analysis is made. It helps to extract, analyze and compress raw information to assist in decision-making.  Automated Systems The improvement of technology has always recognized and works alongside automated systems to improve work. Introduction of artificial intelligence in hotel bookings and factory machines are all speedily becoming automated with a lot of advantages to minimize waste, decrease errors and improve production.  Applications of Artificial Intelligence  Artificial Intelligence has now become widely used in many applications. Some of them are as follows. Used in Healthcare: Artificial neural networks are used as clinical decision support systems for medical diagnosis. Computer-aided interpretation of medical images, heat sound analysis, design treatment plans, provide consultations, predict HIV progression, etc.  Used in Education: One of the more promising innovation is the idea of a personal AI tutor or assistant for each individual student. AI tutors can help students to get extra help in the areas of needed growth. Future of AI in education has many new possibilities for students  Used in Agriculture: AI advancements have shown improvements in gaining yield and to increase the research & development of growing crops. AI predicts the time for crop growth and thus increasing the efficiency of farming. Crop and soil monitoring, agricultural robots & predictive analysis.  Transportation: Fuzzy logic controllers have been developed for automatic gearboxes in automobiles. Cars now have AI-based driver-assist features such as self-parking and advanced cruise controls. AI has been used to optimize traffic management applications, which reduces wait times, energy use and emissions.  AI is already present in plenty of applications, from search algorithms and tools you use every day. Artificial intelligence has many other applications in aviation, finance, marketing, military, sensors, telecommunication maintenance etc. As a summary, Artificial Intelligence which is designed and programmed in such a manner that they think and act like a human.  With its crucial role in our present lives, the future of AI lies in merging existing techniques and methods of representing knowledge in order to make use of the strengths of each idea. In the near future, AI is set to become a big part of our lives as computers did before it and may well begin to replace people in some way.  Also read: What is Machine Learning Its Benefits and Applications
Attention, Rick & Morty fans, Pokemon otaku, and the closeted nerds who love both! Earlier today, Adult Swim Games senior producer Chris Johnston announced officially on Twitter that the company will release a 'Rick & Morty' game fashioned in the style of the popular 'Pokemon' RPG series. Want to know what that looks like? I got you. Introducing POCKET MORTYS - where you are Dimension C-137 Rick Sanchez and you get to battle your Morty against animals, space creatures, and OTHER Mortys! (You sometimes even get to battle other Ricks!) The game will be available on January 14 as a FREE DOWNLOAD for mobile devices, so those of you feeling some horrible hiatus-induced R&M withdrawal can subject Morty to possibly imminent death - just like the REAL Rick!** (** Rampant alcoholism and stutter not included.) SO MANY MORTYS. SO MANY FEELINGS. Anyway, I just wanted to share the amazing/nerdiest news. I was GOING to ask if you guys were going to download it as a discussion question, but let's be real - WHY WOULDN'T YOU?! ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR VERY MIND?! Anyway, big-ups to the Rick & Morty fan club. If you're not rolling with us yet, well, let's just say you're missing out on a party. @odayja @TurtleyTurtles @YarabiStein @ClaireRedfield @blackvelveteen @SethScarlett @addri @shamwowpow @SarahRoot @AGale @InVinsybll @InPlainSight @Jason41 @TylerOrtega @quietone @Ziran @Ng98 @clobbersaurus @ButterflyBlu @LilianaZeferino @JhayBee @CenaSenpai @Stoneyy @balloonz3 @RocioNaranjo @gayalchemy @SeanMcintosh @JonathantheAwes @verolovesanime @yaakattackk @BlueStar2222 @VanessaStamps @RogerMcghee @DerrickAldana @AndrewHondras @AleciaReedy @Shilolobun @mackenzieorr186 @BlackoutZJ @GrowingArt @SoneForever @11cody @Esarosa @RinOkumura53 @CurtezWillaby @MajahnNelson @babygirldiva @shikamaru @isssc1100 @ZeeStorm @kbecker @najalong1998 @Meeshell @Beckm82 @PiggSnaps @OtakuChick20 @JoshMcMeans @HappyLulie @JJthealphamale @TiffanyWallace @Ash2424701
Mystic Messenger fans?
Hey Guys! I'm going to explain this app as I am playing the game ^3^ So here is some basics if anyone wants to play. (and what I know as of right now, no spoilers in this card please) When you first load the game you can only pick casual story, where you can unlock either, Yoosung, Zen, or Jaehee. In the game you can collect hearts to give you a hourglass or gain an hourglass by the characters. (or of course buy them with money, but I am poor) Once at 80 hourglasses, you can spend them on unlocking deep story, which you can find out what is up with 707 and Jumin! The game is a dating Simulator game. You have 11 days to complete all your emails, and during this time you find out what character you will end up with at the end, IF YOU make the right decisions. The Emails are clients you are trying to invite to a party, hosted on the 11th day. What makes this game different from others is, you can receive emails, phone calls, text messages, and also involve yourself in groups messaging chats. You can also see if you have miss calls from a character and use 5 hourglasses to call them back. (doesn't mean they will always answer though TT..TT) Whats really cool about this game is you can click their cute little faces and see what is going on with them, it's profile pictures and status updates! You can also receive photos throughout the game and they are saved automatically, so you can go back during the game and after the game to look at them! A cool thing this game offers is the save and load feature. Let's say you're switching phones and don't want to start over; don't have too with this game. Just sign in and load where you last left off. On the 11th day (the last day) you get to be with the one you love on that round. It's quite cute I must add. I've personally been playing this game for 25 days! I'm on my 3rd ending and having so much fun keeping up with everyone's stories. ♡♡♡♡♡♡ I'll start posting spoilers in my next card about my first time around. Until then here is Jaehee upset about all this damn work!