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How To Keep Your Oil Tank Removal Contractor Honest When Dealing With A Soil Remediation Project

A lot of people often wonder where their invoices are coming from. Or maybe, they really do not consider where their invoices come from. As the customer, you hire someone to remediate your soil and then they use their inhouse employee or hire a contractor that does the sampling. This contractor determines how much soil is actually coming out of the ground. The contractor’s motivation is going to be to pull as much soil from the ground as he can to run up the invoice. Everything is up to the contractor on how much soil removal goes on during a project. All your trust is placed with the contractor. However, there are a few ways you can combat this to make trusting your contractor a little easier.
Get A Fixed Price Before The Job Is Started
Simple Tank provides you with a fixed price before any job is started. Our professionals come out and can tell you exactly what you are going to pay going into a new project. There are no open-ended contracts with Simple Tank. Prices will not change during a project.
· It is very hard to protect yourself if your contractor gives you an open-ended contract.
If you still decide to go down the route of using an open-ended contractor, you should consider hiring a third party to oversee your contractor and his consultant. Why? This third party will guarantee that your contractor has to be honest.
The average homeowner may not be well versed in soil terminology and processes needed to complete a project. This makes it easy for contractors and consultants to take advantage of customers by upcharging them wherever they see fit. Hiring another subsurface evaluator will help to oversee the contractor. The benefit of this is because they will be well versed in terminology, rules, regulations, and processes. This will change the project for the contractor because he will know he will need to do a proper job or else the hired subcontractor will alert you.
Ask them if they know the company that you have hired. You will not want the additional subcontractor to have any ties to the company. Have whoever you hire come out on the same day to oversee the project.
Which Option Should You Choose?
A fixed price contractor allows you to know that even if something comes up during the project, you will not have to pay anything other than the fixed price that is listed in your agreement. This streamlines the process and you will not have to worry about whether or not your contractor is being honest. Simple Tank provides this to their customers as they value honesty and integrity during every project.
You can also choose to have an open ended contract with a contractor. This can prove to be challenging. If you decide to go this route, you will want to also hire a subcontractor with no affiliation to the prior company in order to oversee the project. This will help to keep your contractor honest, but will come with an additional cost to you.
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