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This is about as cold as it gets in Toronto, with morning temperatures so brutal that Pearson International had to put arrival restrictions on planes due to the deep freeze. Those were lifted just after 10:00 a.m., but the thermostat is still hanging at around -18C with a windchill factor of -33C. Ouch. While today is the worst of it so far, it's been frigid enough over the last little while that local photographers have been able to capture the cold on camera, be it in the form of frozen Lake Ontario, steam rising from sewer grates, or ominous looking clouds hovering above the harbour. It's all rather stunning to look at -- and then you remember your feet are cold and you get angry. Oh well.
Everytime I started to complain about the cold in my city, I remembered it was even colder up north in Canada, haha! I'm getting cold just remebering how cold it was...brrr...
@joebiden ... no ... as I'm currently not in toronto
did you take any of these?
I just started shivering even from looking at these photos T^T
Canadians are laughing at us americans haha
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