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'Generation of Youth' got fans' hearts fluttering with the intense scenes of Kim Hyun Joong in another trailer! As his character, Kim Hyun Joong shows that there's more to him than meets the eye with his looks of determination to fight for what's right and possibly love in a city filled with underground corruption. The actor puts aside his flower boy image to become a rugged fighter for the drama which will take fans back in time to the 1930s. 'Generation of Youth' is a romantic crime drama set centering around young fighters and their story of love and friendship and also stars names like Lim Soo Hyang, Jin Se Yeon, Cho Dong Hyuk, Kim Sung Oh, Yoon Hyun Min, Yang Ik Jun, and more. It will premiere following 'Pretty Man' on January 15. Check out the additional trailer.
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so glad its starting soon