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With 'Pretty Man' approaching its finale, its starring actor Jang Geun Suk has stepped up with an OST release of his own called 'Beautiful Day'. Those who are keeping up with the show may recognize the tune from the episode that aired last week in the romantic scene of Dok Go Ma Te (Jang Geun Suk) and Bo Tong (IU) at the ice rink. Regarding this surprise release, the actor's agency remarked, "His condition isn't good due to his killer schedule, but even his despite his voice not coming out properly, he felt that he needed to gift fans who have been showing their love." Give it a listen ... :)
@tyta468 ok thanks great still have one man 비
@christy ..well, ok if you like it.sister
@tyta468 the story is great I like it more than heirs coz it's New story
@christy ..omg..I never have this feeling before, I waste my time watching this drama, completely out of sense, poor jks..never got a really good rating, next week finally hyung joon drama start...
@MasriDaniela oh the hard work guy I really like how he is growing up and his role at this drama . happy
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