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While this series has attempted to be a realistic portrayal of love and relationships in the big city, isn’t this version focusing more on the “romance” part? I mean, week after week, they release swoony photos and stills of our lovely OTP. And I am very happy about that. While there’s still that cliché first love story tied in with a noona-romance, these two burn up my screen every time I see them – they just look so damn good together. So perhaps I’m setting myself up for disappointment since I’m very highly anticipating this drama. While I’m sure we’ll get to witness her flop relationships with different men, I can’t wait to watch these two fall in love. We’ll be recapping this series so I hope we all have a good time watching it together. Here are recently released couple shots of Kim So Yeon and Sung Joon as Shin Joo Yeon and Joo Wan. Winter is such a romantic season, isn’t it? It definitely gets you craving someone else’s body heat.