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Republicans Try to Reclaim Poverty Fighting Reputation
Republicans used to be the champions of anti-poverty plans while Democrats worked with big business. Now the roles have kind of reversed. Still, possible 2016 candidates are looking to change that. Sen­a­tor Mar­co Ru­bio says the Amer­i­can dream has be­come “un­attain­able.” Sen­a­tor Mike Lee says re­form­ing gov­ern­ment bene­fits pro­grams should be the coun­try’s “first pri­or­ity.” And Rep­re­sent­a­tive Paul D. Ryan says the gov­ern­ment safe­ty net has “failed mis­er­ably.”
hahahahha thats a funny joke
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so much sarcasm @joebiden
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They definitely seem to need an image shift in that regard. I don't know whether it will be successful, but I'm curious to see what actions they take to put the changing rhetoric into practice out in the field.
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